Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Jeevanandam is from Erode district. He has been running the ‘Tamil Green Movement’ for the last 20 years. He was also an environmental activist. Basically a member of the Communist Party of India family, he was a Marxist thinker and activist. Father Periyar’s views were those who compared the Gandhian philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi in Marxist ideology and revealed the biological context for it. He has started and run a number of hospitals and academies.

His family has been very close to many Communist Party leaders. During the period when the Communist Party was banned, many leaders including literary genius Jeevanandam, Paladandayutham and M. Kalyanasundaram were kept in his house. He has written numerous books on literature and the environment. Has translated many foreign texts to learn. Dr. Jeevanandam has left his mark on the Tamil cultural environment. Dr. Jeevanandam passed away today (02/03/2021) due to a sudden heart attack.

His death has left environmental activists and Commonwealth executives and volunteers in mourning.


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