Namak Issk Ka

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Scene 1
Yug tells kahani which you have left your obligations so depart rights too as a spouse and daughter-in-regulation of this house. If you are just a daughter today then break relationships today and go away. Kahani says you maintain threatening me with breaking relations but it gained’t stop me nowadays. If you could’t even understand my talk then how could you apprehend my pain? It’s now not a relationship but bags only so it higher if we destroy it. Yug says you’re proper, you don’t understand me and that i don’t apprehend you, perhaps there may be no love left so permit’s end this dating anymore. Saroj says don’t say that. Kahani says he is simply forcing me, best i like him. Saroj tells kahani that you have to compromise in a courting. Kahani says why? There i no duty of the husband? If it became you today instead of my mother then i might have taken a stand for you however yug isn’t status up for me or my mom, instead he’s threatening me. I won’t stop nowadays, she tells yug that if you want to break the relationship then that’s first-class, get divorce papers equipped, i’m able to signal it and go away. Yug says pleasant, if you want that then it’ll appear. Yug calls his attorney and asks him to get divorce papers geared up in half an hour, he ends the decision and glares at her. Ravi says what’s this madness? Yug says no one will speak between us these days. Saroj says human beings don’t divorce for such a small issue. Kahani says it’s already determined. Iravati and saroj smirk looking at every different. Kahani involves her room and cries. She says i can find my mother, baba did wrong with you but i will make the entirety best, i’m able to search for you. Ravi sits in his wheelchair. Yug comes there and asks in which is kahani? Iravati says she went to her room. Ravi asks yug to no longer try this. Iravati says he is doing the proper element. Saroj says kahani is a smart female, she has a loving husband and a very good family so why could she depart? She is indignant so she is saying all this. She will no longer sign the papers, she will be able to come to her senses. Kahani comes there and hears all that. She thinks absolutely everyone thinks my anger and tears are a comic story. I have waited for my dad and mom for years so my anger can’t be a lie. The lawyer involves the house and says divorce papers are prepared. Yug takes it and asks the legal professional to wait. Yug says i’m hopeful that kahani has come returned to her senses. Kahani comes into the lounge, iravati says allow’s ask her. Kahani seems at yug without any emotion. Yug gives the papers to her and says in case you need to visit the police station then sign these otherwise tear them. Kahani takes the papers and tearfully looks at him. Saroj asks kahani to not take a hasty choice. Ravi says don’t take a wrong selection. Kahani takes the pen from yug. Ronak whispers asks dadi if she will sign it? Dadi says she may be very smart so i don’t realize. Kahani recollects her wedding with yug, their satisfied moments.. Then how ravi confessed. She signs the divorce papers, all are stunned. Saroj smirks. She offers the papers to yug and says am i able to move now? Yug nods and says you have got made my fear real, your stubbornness gained these days and our courting lost. Kahani says you didn’t leave your stubbornness additionally so don’t blame me most effective. You understand how crucial the truth of my mother and father is to me, i didn’t recognize that it will be painful for me however you left me in this pain by myself. My father has cheated me but you are a bigger cheater. Saroj asks her to loosen up. Kahani says no, allow me communicate these days. I discovered out about my father nowadays, my wound is new however yug’s father left him years in the past however did he forgive him? Yug says no, i didn’t need you to stay a life in anger and pain that’s why i asked you to forgive baba however you’ve got taken my proper. Kahani says you added up divorce, not me. Dadi says you can have stayed silent to guard the connection. Yug says no, she has signed the papers so this residence and i am not hers anymore. Ravi asks kahani to now not punish yug due to me. Yug tells kahani that my mother has taught me to make a own family. I am providing you with time until monday, if you don’t leave your stance then you will get me married to gunjan. Kahani is shocked. Gunjan can’t include her happiness listening to that. Kahani tells yug that why are you ready till monday? I have already signed the papers so do what you need to. Saroj asks them to no longer be crazy, concentrate to me. Kahani says no, i’m able to simply pay attention my mother proper now and he or she wishes justice. Yug says so that you want to say that i have to get married to gunjan proper now and also you won’t care? Kahani appears away and says no. Iravati says don’t bring gunjan in all this because of your anger. First, you get divorced and then marry gunjan. Dadi says this girl continues bringing up police and courtroom, she can document a case on her father so she received’t spare us, don’t take a risk. Gunjan says nobody is prepared to accept as true with kahani however i am ready to believe her. Iravati says what? Gunjan says wait, she brings a paper and asks kahani to signal it. She reads the paper which says that ‘kahani isn’t forced by means of all people and she or he is breaking all relationships with yug, she has no objections of yug marrying gunjan and she has no proper on yug anymore, he is free to marry gunjan’. Gunjan asks kahani to sign the paper and we all could be witness to it.

Yug asks kahani to signal this paper too, you have already thrown me out of your heart. Kahani alas appears on the paper and symptoms it. Yug says don’t overlook you’ll get me married to gunjan on monday. Kahani says i will never overlook it. She leaves the house. Yug thinks what need to i do? Save baba or my dating? He attempts to go behind her however rupa stops him and says i used to be silent until now however i’m able to’t be anymore. I recognize you love kahani lots however do you understand how a good deal we all love you? She left you however we’re searching at you with wish to pick us as soon as, kahani is just considering her mother however now you need to consider where your circle of relatives stands for you, they all have hopes for you. Yug appears at his circle of relatives and thinks rupa is right, i’m able to’t harm my own family again and again.

The episode ends.


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