Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The US announced a $ 12.5 million military aid package for Ukraine on Monday. Under this aid, he has also been given two armed patrol boats to help protect the Ukrainian watershed. The Pentagon reported that the remaining 150 million military aid that Parliament has approved for the 2021 fiscal year will not be provided until the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense certify that Ukraine has ” This year substantial progress has been made in important defense reforms.

“The Ministry encourages Ukraine to implement reforms that strengthen civilian control of the military, encourage transparency, ensure accountability in the defense industry and procurement, and in line with NATO principles and standards,” he said in a statement. Continue to modernize. Ukraine is in a conflict situation with Russia. Russia annexed the Crimea Peninsula in 2014 and supports pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine. This is the seventh year of this conflict, in which more than 14,000 people have died and Ukraine’s industry has suffered heavily.

The Pentagon said it is providing radars to counter the cannons in addition to two Mark VI patrol boats, providing satellite images and their analysis capability, and for military medical treatment and combat troops to be taken out Providing equipment to assist in the extraction process. He said, “This step reaffirms America’s commitment to provide defensive lethal weapons to Ukraine, so that Ukraine can effectively defend itself against Russia’s aggression.”


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