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There are some advantages to being a celebrity and there are also some disadvantages. On the one hand, they get love and support from the fans, on the other hand they also come under the target of trolls many times. Many celebs ignore trolls, many give them a befitting reply and stop speaking. Recently, Shekhar Suman shared a photo of his luxurious home. At this the troll asked him where did this much money come from? Shekhar Suman has stopped speaking to him, giving him a befitting reply.

Sharing a photo of his house, Shekhar Suman wrote, “My test is very simple. I like to have the best of things. ” On this a troll asked – where did this much money come from? Shekhar Suman did not take it easy and responded to it and wrote that with hard work, honesty and dedication. After this, in the next tweet, Shekhar Suman shared a photo of the news starry, in which he was known as TV’s Amitabh Bachchan at that time. While sharing the photo, Shekhar wrote, “Got it?”

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The first glimpse of Kareena Kapoor’s little guest viral, actress reached home with Saif and Taimur

According to the news reports, Shekhar Suman used to charge six times more than the rest of the TV actors at that time. A fan supporting Shekhar Suman wrote, “Shekhar Suman’s show Movers and Shakers telecast in the 90s when he became the first Indian TV actor to get Rs 1 lakh per episode. At that time it used to be a big deal. I may be wrong, but if I remember well then I read it well I know. ”

Bollywood’s Bebo i.e. Kareena Kapoor has been discharged from the hospital today after giving birth to her second child. After this, she has also reached home with her little guest. Recently, a video has also surfaced with the whole family, in which Saif Ali Khan and Timur are also seen. It is seen in the video that these four are seen reaching their house by car. At the same time, the excitement of bringing his younger brother home is clearly visible on Timur’s face. However, the first glimpse of Kareena and her baby is yet to be seen.

Actually, recently Manav Mangalani has shared a video of Kareena- Saif and Taimur on her Instagram account . In which all these are seen reaching home in a car. While Taimur and Saif are seen on the front seat of the car, it seems that Kareena is on the back seat, although her glimpse could not be seen. It is being told that in this video, after Kareena is discharged from the hospital, Saif and Taimur have taken them home and have a baby with them.

At the same time, after the news of Kareena being discharged from the hospital, now fans are hoping that soon the first glimpse of Baby and Kareena will be seen. However, it seems that Saif-Kareena has become very protective of their second baby after the media attention received by Timur. Please tell that Kareena Kapoor was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital on Saturday night. They gave birth to a child early on Sunday.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor shifted to the new house even before the arrival of the little guest. Special preparations have been made to welcome Baby in this house.


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