Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Like many other states, Kerala also changes power every five years, but this time the CPI (M) -led Left Democratic Front (LDF) hopes that it may break. The Front is hopeful of coming back to power again. This belief of LDF is not only that, but there are many reasons behind it. The leftist leaders cite at least four such reasons, due to which their pan is heavy in the state. In the recent civic elections in the state, LDF got 70 percent seats. This is the first time any ruling party has got so many seats. Senior CPI (M) leader Prakash Karat says that when we were in the opposition we would win so many seats, but winning so many seats while in power shows the public’s trust in the government. These elections have been held recently.

Congress is struggling with internal infighting in the state,
another major opposition party is struggling with internal infighting in the state. Oman Chandy, who has been the chief minister twice, is no longer active. Though the Congress has formed a committee under Chandy to prepare for the assembly elections after poor performance in the civic elections, but has also indicated that no one will be projected as the chief minister in the assembly elections. Not presenting the face of the Chief Minister from the opposition can be beneficial for the LDF.

Despite all the exercises, the BJP is unable to
gain a third major reason, despite all efforts, the BJP is unable to gain a foothold in Kerala. The BJP has been trying to gain a foothold in Kerala for a long time, but its efforts have not been successful. The performance of civic elections is a direct proof of this. Whereas in West Bengal, it has strengthened itself in the last five years.

Fourth, effectively dealing with the corona is the reason that Kerala is struggling badly with the corona crisis. He fought the first wave of Corona effectively and the situation came under control. Now facing the second wave. During this period, Kerala’s strong government health system did not allow people any trouble. A government official said that no patient from Corona in Kerala is required to go to a private hospital as the government services are strong at the rural level. This management will also benefit the government in elections.


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