Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yug and satya come to the marketplace. She says i can’t include you. Yug says why? Satya says we can’t park the auto right here, why don’t you move and park there? Till then i’m able to visit the shop. Yug says don’t examine the price tags, just choose the sarees which you want. I love whilst you smile. Satya thinks he talks so sweetly. Yug goes to park why satya is going to the health facility. Kahani attempts calling a person from gunjan’s smartphone but it doesn’t have a sign. Satya comes to the medical institution however the shield stops her and says time for meeting the doctor has ended. She says permit me cross interior otherwise i’m able to make a scene here. Inside the house, all are making ready for juhi’s marriage notion. Dadi says there shouldn’t be any mistake these days. Iravati says we can enhance the house like a bride if juhi’s inspiration is constant. Dadi says if juhi gets married then i can gift you so many rings pieces. Iravati thinks i really like it after i make people unhappy, they look too satisfied. Dadi asks rupa to no longer deliver any paintings to kahani, she may faint in the front of the visitors so don’t give her any challenge.

Saroj says she is right, simply take care of the whole thing nowadays as kahani isn’t feeling properly. Gunjan comes there and pointers at iravati. Iravati brings gunjan to her room and says why are you continually looking scared? Gunjan says kahani isn’t feeling well, i suppose she would possibly live for a whole lot time. Iravati says she has to live today. Satya will smash juhi’s concept today and then she will be able to break saroj’s heart. Kahani has advised me what she wanted to inform saroj. Now satya will tell it to saroj but after twisting it. Saroj will feel bad then satya gained’t apologize. Yug gets indignant after which he will throw her out of the house. Gunjan says i recognise what you will do with satya however what will you do approximately kahani? Will you kill her? Yug calls saroj and says kahani is missing. Did she come domestic? Saroj says no. Yug says she went to the store but she isn’t always there now. He ends the decision. Gunjan asks iravati if she will be able to kill kahani? Yug will sense bad if juhi’s proposal breaks. Iravati says you couldn’t hold yug with you and kahani took him away, now you have a mission so complete it. They flip round to peer saroj coming there. She says kahani is lacking. Iravati says what? Saroj says yug called me and said that kahani is missing. They need to deliver gifts so i am worried. Gunjan says don’t worry, they will come. Iravati thinks satya can’t run away like this, she is aware of what she is getting from me. Perhaps she is shopping for things in the marketplace after seeing yug’s money.

satya starts dancing in the front of the medical institution to make a scene. The defend tries to prevent her but she continues dancing. The guard grabs her however satya cries and says he’s abusing me. The physician comes there and asks what goes on? Satya says my mother has admitted it interior but he is not letting me move inner. The physician takes her inside. Kahani is within the basement and tries getting a network. She says i just want to name one wide variety. Yug is asking around for kahani inside the market and says i ought to discover her. Kahani calls him and yug takes the decision. Kahani cries and says iravati has locked me somewhere, please come and shop me. Simply come and shop me. It’s like a few basement.. Hello.. Yug couldn’t pay attention whatever. The police stop yug for the use of his cellphone at the same time as driving.

Yug tells the inspector that my spouse is lacking, can you assist me? He shows her the photo. The inspector starts offevolved seeking out kahani. He tells his officers to go searching for the woman. Yug offers them kahani’s photograph. Saroj comes to dadi and says kahani is lacking, don’t know in which is she? Dadi says she is constantly doing a little drama. Iravati says the man’s family has left the residence, they have to be reaching right here any minute. Gunjan says we will cancel it nowadays. Iravati says no, things may go incorrect like that. Rupa thinks kahani has to come back fast. Satya talks to the physician and he tells her that her mom is improving. He says the cash helped on your mom’s treatment. If it continues happening then she becomes totally quality. Satya says simply keep treating her. She is going out and takes a rickshaw. The officer sees her going away and calls yug. They inform him that they noticed his wife sitting in a rickshaw. Yug is ready to go in the back of her but satya arrives there in a rickshaw. Yug worriedly looks at her. Satya thinks no one widespread me aside from my mom so just do the performing with a purpose to make him accept as true with me. She looks at yyug directly in the eye and smiles.

Precap: the boy aspect rejects the rishta. Dadi apologises to them. Yug tells dadi that kahani will apologise. Kahani asks for what? She is a dancer, that’s why? Then she must apologise as properly because he got married to such lady. Iravati smiles.


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