Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 1st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Last year, China had tried a cyber attack in India after being beaten up by Indian troops in the Galvan Valley. Not only this, due to his cyber attack, the country’s financial capital Mumbai was blacked out for a day. The entire city was lighted, and in the Corona period, generators had to operate in hospitals. The US newspaper New York Times reports that China has claimed this snowfall.

Four months after the Galvan violence, trains were shut down due to sudden power failure in Mumbai and the stock market was also stalled. 20 million people of the city were drowned in darkness due to lightning. Emergency generators had to be switched on in hospitals so that the ventilators would keep running. This was the same period when Corona was at its peak in India. On 12 October last year, there was a blackout in Mumbai. Now a new study has revealed that all these incidents were interlinked.

In the news reports of the time, it was also claimed by the Indian authorities that there could be a Chinese cyber attack behind the cyber attack in Mumbai.

According to a New York Times report, the incident was part of a major cyber campaign in China aimed at bringing India’s power grid to a standstill. Not only this, China had even planned that if India creates pressure in Galvan, it will submerge the entire country in darkness.

The study has revealed that amidst the ongoing stalemate in the Himalayas, Chinese malware had penetrated the power supply control system in India. It also included high voltage transmission substations and thermal power plants.

The Chinese cyber attack was revealed by the American cyber firm Recorded Future. However, the company also found that most malware was never activated. The company’s chief operating officer, Stuart Solomon, told how Chinese company Red Echo tried to secretly control about a dozen power grids in India by resorting to the advanced technology of cyber attack.

There was a power failure in Mumbai, where local trains were standing there, there was
a severe power crisis in Mumbai last year. The grid had failed in the Mumbai metropolitan area. The power supply company Best (BEST) in Mumbai Township had said that the grids had failed from the power supply plant. There was a power failure in Mumbai’s eastern, western, suburbs and parts of Thane. Because of this, people had to face difficulties. The grid failure also had an impact on the local train called Mumbai’s Lifeline and where trains were parked.


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