Namak Issk Ka

Namak Issk Ka 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

With the nominations for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections set to begin the next day (12/03/2021), the AIADMK and DMK are in the process of allocating seats to the coalition parties. The parties involved are busy.

In its aftermath, the AIADMK The block allocation to the parties in the leadership coalition has already been finalized and the agreement signed. Following this, the BJP and BJP will decide on which constituencies to contest. Executives of the parties, including the AIADMK. Negotiated with executives. The competing blocks are final. Following that, with the signing of the block allocation agreement, the BJP, BJP Competing blocks were announced separately.

With the AIADMK-led coalition allotting 23 assembly seats to the BJP, the BJP has decided to field a list of 10 early candidates. Has published. Similarly, the AIADMK. The leadership has already released the list of 6 candidates, while today (10/03/2021) has released the list of 171 candidates.

In its aftermath, the AIADMK The leadership has allocated seats to other parties in their coalition. Accordingly, N.R. The Perambur assembly constituency was allotted to Dhanapalan’s grand leader People’s Party and the agreement was signed. This party competes in the double leaf symbol. Similarly, the Egmore (Private) Assembly constituency has been allotted to John Pandian’s Tamil Nadu People’s Progressive League to contest under the double leaf symbol.

In addition, the Vellore District, KV Kuppam Assembly constituency for Poovai Jeganmurthy’s Revolutionary Bharatiya Janata Party and the Kumbakonam Assembly constituency for Sridhar Vandayar’s Moovendar Munnetra Kazhagam were finalized and the constituency allocation agreement was signed. These parties compete on the double leaf symbol.

With the nomination for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections set to begin the next day (12/03/2021), the AIADMK The BJP in the BJP-led alliance has been allotted 23 assembly constituencies and it has been decided which assembly constituencies it will contest in. Signed the block allocation agreement between. Following this, the BJP announced the list of 10 early candidates. Has published.

Accordingly, Pennagaram – GK Mani, Attur (Dindigul) – Tilaka Bama, Lower Pennathur – Selvakumar, Jayankondam – K. Balu, Arcot – Ilavagan, Thiruporur – Thirukkachur Arumugam, Dharmapuri – SB Venkateswaran, Salem (West) – Arul, Tirupati- DK Raja, Ginger- MBS Rajendran is competing. The Election Commission of India has allotted the mango symbol to the BJP in the Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Assembly elections.

Already, the AIADMK and the People’s Justice Center have released the preliminary list of candidates and the Naam Tamil Party has released the list of candidates for 234 assembly constituencies. அ.தி.மு.க. The party has announced candidates for 177 assembly constituencies, including a list of first and second phase candidates. Moreover, the AIADMK It is noteworthy that the parties in the alliance have also been announcing candidates for the assembly constituencies allotted to them.

With the nominations for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections set to begin the next day (12/03/2021), the AIADMK On behalf, the party leadership has released the list of 171 second phase candidates. Similarly, the Center for People’s Justice has released a list of 70 candidates. Moreover, the AIADMK The BJP, which is in a coalition led by the BJP. The constituencies in which the parties are contesting have also been announced.

In this situation, the DMK The leadership has been busy allocating seats to its allies since finalizing the block allocation agreement with its allies. Subsequently, the Indian Union Muslim League was allotted three constituencies, Kadayanallur, Vaniyambadi and Chidambaram, and the agreement was signed.

Following that, the DMK held a function at the Anna Arivalayam in Chennai. MDMK with the group. The executives, led by General Secretary Waiko, discussed which constituencies to contest. In this, the blocks were decided and the block allocation agreement was signed. In this agreement, the DMK Chairman MK Stalin, MDMK Signed by General Secretary Vaiko. Accordingly, in the 6 Assembly constituencies of Madurai (South), Vasudevanallur, Sattur, Palladam, Ariyalur and Madurantakam, the MDMK has won under the Udayasuriya symbol. Competing. MDMK The AIADMK is contesting in all the 6 Assembly constituencies. It is noteworthy that the candidates are competing.

Similarly, the DMK The Avinashi Assembly constituency was allotted to the Adithya Tamil Assembly in the alliance and the agreement was signed. Adiyaman, the founder of the Adithya Tamil Assembly, later told reporters, “I am contesting in the Avinashi assembly constituency allotted to us.”

Moreover, the DMK The People’s Liberation Party in the coalition was allotted the Landmark Assembly constituency and the agreement was signed.


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