Namak Issk Ka

Namak Ishq Ka 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yug is going out with Kahani. Gunjan comes before him and says stop. She focuses a weapon at him, all are stunned. Gunjan requests that they stay away, Saroj says have you gone distraught. Gunjan says I will fire Kahani, she has removed Yug from me. I will execute her. Yug says I am not a toy, I am her better half and will ensure her till final gasp. He remains before her. Kahani reveals to Gunjan that don’t fire, it was my mix-up so shoot me. Yug requests that Kahani stay behind him. Gunjan discloses to Yug that she can’t execute him however she can commit suicide. She focuses the weapon at herself, Kahani tosses a bangle at her, Gunjan gets diverted and the firearm tumbles from her hands. Yug hurries to get the firearm, Gunjan battles with him to take the weapon, the two of them attempt to snatch it yet the weapon discharge and fires Gunjan. All are stunned. Gunjan tumbles down. Yug is holding the firearm in stun. Ronak requests that he surge her to the emergency clinic. Yug lifts her in his arms and removes her.

The family carries Gunjan to the clinic, she is taken to the OT. All sob for her. Yug requests that the specialist save her, he says we will make an honest effort. The attendant says police will be here soon. Juhi reveals to Yug that you fired Gunjan for Kahani. Yug says it was abrupt. Saroj says you are as yet agreeing with her stance? Yug says I will take off from the house with Kahani when Gunjan is fine. Iravati says you are Gunjan’s lawbreaker so you are not going anyplace. The specialist comes out and says Gunjan is out of peril now. The police come there and converse with the specialist. All look on. Kahani leaves from that point.

Iravati comes to Kahani and says you played with me however Yug will bear the discipline now, he will go to prison now, she leaves from that point. Kahani thinks assuming the police find that weapon, Yug will go to prison however assuming they discover my fingerprints on the firearm, Yug will be protected.

Rupa is conversing with Iravati. The medical attendant goes to her and says you came to get an early termination right? Rupa says you are mixed up. The medical attendant leaves. Iravati requests that Rupa come clean. Rupa says I needed to cut short the child and I gave Kahani’s name in the clinic however I lost before my nurturing love. Iravati says great, I need the image of the register where Kahani’s name was composed.

Scene 2

Yug is calling Kahani and says where did she go? Ronak comes there and says the entire family is pained as a result of you. Yug says I would prefer not to converse with you. Ronak says you have addressed me such a huge amount for adoring that artist however she is a devout lady since you hitched her? You are wedding young ladies left, right and focus. The attendant comes there and says Gunjan is conscious at this point. The police go to converse with her.

Kahani comes into the house and discovers the firearm there. She is going to hold it yet Iravati comes there and holds it with her hanky. Iravati says Yug will be rebuffed. Kahani says I am all set to prison, rebuff me. Iravati says Yug will free you sometime in the future. Kahani says I guarantee you that I won’t battle for my case. Iravati says Yug’s destiny will be chosen by Gunjan’s assertion and I will compose that assertion. Kahani asks what she needs to say? Iravati says this paper says you got an early termination sometime back. Kahani takes a gander at the paper and says this is obviously false. Iravati says I know however when Yug asks you at that point disclose to him that this is truth and it was Ronak’s child. Kahani says I won’t ever lie this way. Iravati says assuming you don’t, Yug will go to prison for a very long time, that will be sufficient to annihilate his life. Kahani says I am all set to prison, don’t break his trust for me. Iravati says till you don’t stoop in Yug’s eyes, he will not acknowledge Gunjan. You have 2 hours to choose this. Kahani says how might you do this? Iravati says you have made my Gunjan cry so it’s my time now, you can reveal to me your choice soon. She begins leaving however Kahani stops her and says I am prepared to do this, simply don’t send Yug to imprison. Iravati grins and says we should go to the medical clinic.

Iravati and Kahani go to the clinic. Iravati considers the medical caretaker and shows Gunjan’s assertion composed on the attendant’s hand. Kahani looks on.

Precap-The scene closes..


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