In Bihar, the police have caught the killer gang. The gangs used to kill drivers for some money and a car. This gang is accused in the auto driver murder case in Nalanda. The police had been looking for this gang for a long time. This gang has carried out many incidents.

In fact, on September 16, the auto driver was murdered near Pavpuri Medical College in Dipnagar police station area. In which the police arrested four vicious robbers. Police have recovered 6 mobiles and a looted auto from the arrested miscreants.

Used to rent cars for murder and robbery

The miscreants were caught by the police when they were planning a crime near Kargil Chowk. These robbers used to carry out the crime in a very vicious manner. They used to hire the first vehicle for murder and robbery, and after committing the crime , they escaped from the same vehicle.

Auto driver strangled to death

DSP Dr Shibli Nomani said that on the night of 15 September, auto driver Rahul Kumar, resident of Bakhtiyarpur, was brought from Patna and brought with the auto. The gang escaped with an auto after strangled him to death near Paava village . Arrested miscreants include Norasarai resident Santosh Kumar, Samastipur resident Bachu Saini, Patna resident Sanjay Saini and Guddu Kumar.



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