Nadendla Manohar: Another Conspiracy Against Janasena In The Name Of Intelligence Report: Nadendla Manohar, Chairman of the Political Affairs Committee of the Janasena Party, has lashed out at the AP government. In the name of intelligence conspiracy, mud is being thrown at Jana Sena and the state DGP wants to investigate this. We know by whom such campaigns have gone to the media. People’s soldiers know how to fight democratically. Manohar wants the people’s soldiers and heroic women to reverse YCP’s conspiracies. Janasena has issued a statement to this effect.

“The Janasena Party has always respected the Constitution of India written by Dr. BR Ambedkar… The Janasena Party has great respect for democratic practices. A complete departure from the tradition of mass soldiers and heroic women attacking systems and individuals. Any public struggle is democratic. Mr. Nadendla Manohar, Chairman of the Political Affairs Committee of the Janasena Party expressed his anger that YCP has started a new conspiracy against the Janasena Party since yesterday evening. They said that the Janasena party ranks may attack 13 YCP public representatives at any moment… They gave information to the media in the name of a police intelligence reports and started a campaign of new conspiracies. A video message was given at the Janasena party central office in Hyderabad on Sunday.

“Since Saturday evening, a campaign has been going on in the media and social media in the name of police intelligence alerts. The campaign started with a warning that the ranks of the Janasena party would attack 13 YCP representatives in the state. The Janasena party completely denies this. If the order issued by the state police department is true, surely the DGP should take action on it. How the intelligence orders, which are supposed to be top secret, got to the media should be investigated.

The DGP needs to investigate how these secret things are going out without spying on our phones and us. We have information through whom these campaigns are going out. The ruling party, which is jealous of the increasing popularity of the Janasena party among the people, is raising the curtain on such conspiracies. In the rally of Pawan Kalyan’s visit to Visakhapatnam, the government saw that it was not possible to mount the DCP on Pawan Kalyan’s vehicle and to provoke and create a fight.

The intention of these rulers is to create unrest, misconceptions, confusion and suspicions among the people and thereby create quarrels and push the Janasena party. Their conspiracies did not go away. The Janasainiks should remember that this government, which has not made any progress in the case even after attacking the office of the Janasena party in Tekkali, has started new conspiracies.

The next elections are not far away. Jana Sena is ready to resolve the election democratically. Jana Sena Party or YCP will be decided by the people. It becomes clear who people support and whose side they stand on. People are watching your conspiracies against the Janasena party. As a part of the government’s Gadapa Gadapa program, YCP representatives are going around 200 Gadapa daily. That too, the representatives of the public are visiting only after the volunteers of the respective areas have given information to the people and given precautions. And what is the meaning behind saying that attacks will happen in this too..?

Any Jana Sainik will always fight peacefully and democratically on public issues, but will never cross the line that Mr. Pawan Kalyan called Jana Sena. The discipline taught by the leader must be followed. YCP is not in a position to believe their conspiracies. Janasena party will definitely fight public struggles. They will not be done in undemocratic ways. Nadendla Manohar said in the statement that Janasena leaders, Janasainikus, and heroic women should strongly repel the government’s conspiracies.


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