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Nabila Syed Wrote History: Indian-American Muslim Woman Elected To The US House Of Representatives: New York: 23-year-old Indian-American Muslim woman Nabila Sayeed is making history as the results of the mid-term elections in the United States are coming out.

Nabila Syed has written history as the youngest representative to be elected to the Illinois State General Assembly (District 51) in the US. Nabila won as a Democratic Party candidate.

Nabila Syed has also shared her happiness about being elected to the General Assembly as a representative of the Democratic Party through a tweet.

“My name is Nabila Syed. I am a 23-year-old Indian-American Muslim woman.

We’ve just flipped a Republican-held suburban district.

This coming January, I will be the youngest member of the Illinois General Assembly,” Nabila Syed tweeted.

The Republican-leaning Illinois 51st District, contested by Nabila Syed, was a tight race.

Born and raised in Illinois, Nabila Syed graduated from the University of California with a degree in Political Science. They came to contest the elections with work experience in the field of digital strategy and experience working as part of the Democratic Party.

Nabila Syed highlights her stated positions as stopping gun violence and protecting opinions and elections.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is currently making headway in the U.S. mid-term elections after a setback to the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden. It is reported that the Republican Party will secure the majority when the final results are received in the 435-member House of Representatives.

The Republican Party leads in 199 seats and the Democratic Party in 168 seats. If 218 seats are secured, the majority can be confirmed in the assembly.

The Republican Party captured six seats held by the Democrats.

If the Democratic Party loses its majority in the House of Representatives, it is estimated that President Joe Biden’s next term will be a big challenge.

The counting of votes is currently in the final stage.

Opinion polls before the election indicated that the Democratic Party would suffer a major setback and the Republican Party would win with a large majority.

The current trend also indicates that there will be a change of power in the House of Representatives.

In the Senate, the two parties are still on an even footing. 47 Republicans and 46 Democrats in the Senate, which requires 51 seats for a majority.

Governor elections were held in 36 states.


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