Best Time And Way To Eat Fruits: If you also include fruits along with vegetables in a salad plate served with lunch or dinner, then think once more before making such a mistake again. Yes, do you know that you should avoid eating fruits with or immediately after meals? Then what should be the best time for good health, the right time to eat fruits, this question is bound to come in your mind. Let us know what is the correct answer to this and why should not consume fruits with food.

Why should not
consume fruits with food – Actually, by consuming fruits with food, our body only gets extra calories. This is because the fruits, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in heavy meals are not able to digest well with the carbs and fat present in the food, while the calories in the fruits start accumulating in the body. By doing this, you do not get the nutrients present in fruits, but the body only gets extra calories. This simply means that by doing this you are unwittingly inviting obesity.

Right time
to eat fruit- If the experts believe, the best time and way to eat fruits is to eat them as a snack. For this you can choose snack time after breakfast or in the evening. Keep in mind that whenever you consume fruits, do not make the mistake of consuming lots of other things with them. Not only this, after consuming fruits, do not eat anything heavy for a few hours.


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