Earlier this month, the army, which had taken power through the coup by holding Myanmar’s democratic government in captivity, has now started showing its stern attitude. The Myanmar military has warned protesters against the coup that they could face up to 20 years in prison if they get in the way of the army.

Let me tell you that since the coup, protests have been taking place across the country demanding that Myanmar leader Aung Sang Soo be released. The army has banned social media sites to weaken the protest and in many areas the internet is also closed. However, despite this, thousands of people are protesting on the streets.

According to a BBC.com report, the army has made changes in the law, stating that if someone spreads hatred or contempt against military leaders, then long-term punishment will be accompanied by a hefty fine. The protesters are demanding the release of Suu Kyi as well as other leaders.

What punishment will the protesters get?
According to the news, according to the new rules made by the ruling army, if a person spreads hatred against the army by written or spoken words, or by signs, he may have to go to jail for a long time and also to pay a fine. . According to a statement posted on the Myanmar army’s website, if someone stops the army from doing their duty, they could face a jail term of up to 20 years. At the same time, if someone is found trying to create fear or tension among the public, then he can be imprisoned for three to seven years.

Not only this, the Myanmar army gave itself the strength last Saturday that it can arrest anyone, search anyone and detain anyone for 24 hours without any court order. .

Journalists have also been told not to call the military as a coup.

UN Human Rights Commission warns
Tom Andrews, Special Representative of the UN Human Rights Commission in Myanmar, has warned the military that he will be held accountable for his crimes. Andrews said, ‘It seems as if the generals have waged a war against the people of Myanmar. Late night raids, arrests of people in large numbers, shutting down of internet, entry of army convoys among communities, all these steps are like a war against the people. They are a symbol of desperation. Careful generals, you will be held accountable for this. ‘


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