Mutual Fund: 13 Crores Per Hand In 29 Years With An Investment Of Rs 10 Thousand..!: There are various ways to get high returns. Investing in mutual funds can yield high returns. A month-to-month investment has the potential to earn higher returns over the maturity period. Many investors invest in stock markets and other funds to create huge wealth over the long term. An open-end equity fund called Franklin India Prima Fund invests primarily in mid-cap funds. This fund is considered a mid-cap fund as it has exposure to 65 percent of mid-cap stocks. This fund started on December 1, 1993, and has been running for 29 years. This fund has been declaring dividends every year for the past 20 years. But investors who want to create wealth in the long term can invest in this fund for at least 5 years for retirement savings, children’s education, and marriage. The long-run performance of this SIP since inception is giving 19.05 percent CAGR annually. A systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a method of investing a fixed amount in a regular manner, just like keeping a certain amount in a bank every month. Experts also say that it gives good returns.

Franklin India Prima Fund Details:

From February 7, 2022, this fund will be funded by R. It is jointly managed by Janakiraman and Akhil Kalluri. But Sandeep Man was specifically appointed to invest in foreign securities. Franklin India Prima Fund Growth managed assets worth Rs 7,752.89 crore as on September 30, 2022, and managed average monthly assets of Rs 7,598.57 crore as on November 18, 2022. The fund had a net asset value of Rs. 1515.41 crores owned.

This fund is in Nipty Mid Cap 150 Index. The portfolio turnover ratio of this fund is 31.69 percent, the standard deviation is 7.04 percent, the beta ratio is 0.90 percent and the Sharpe ratio is 0.46 percent. The fund has a regular option expense ratio of 1.88 percent and a direct option expense ratio of 1.09 percent. The fund has investments in the top 5 sectors namely banks, consumer durables, retailing, finance, and healthcare services. These funds are held in top funds like Federal Bank Limited, ICICI Bank Limited, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited, Deepak Nitrite Limited, and Max Healthcare Institute Limited. The fund has 96.93 percent exposure in equity securities, of which 16.4 percent is in large-cap stocks, 68.14 percent in mid-cap stocks, and 12.39 percent in small-cap stocks. Financial experts say that you can get good returns by investing in mutual funds.

Looking at the Franklin India Prima IP performance till October 31, 2022, if you sip Rs 10,000 every month, this fund is expected to earn 13.36 percent from Rs 1.2 lakh to Rs 1.28 lakh last year. With a SIP of Rs 10000 every month, your investment from Rs 3.6 lakh to Rs 4.92 lakh, with an annual return of 21.39 percent in the last 3 years, would have been given by this fund. With a 15.56 percent return given by this fund in the last 5 years, with a SIP of Rs 10000 every month, your investment would have gone from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 8.5 lakh.

With a return of 13.82 percent given by this fund in the last seven years, with a SIP of Rs 10000 every month, your investment will be Rs 8.4 lakh to Rs 13.74 lakh. With a SIP of Rs 10000 every month, your investment can go from Rs 12 lakh to Rs 27.15 lakh with a return of 15.59 percent in the last ten years. Also, with a SIP of Rs 10000 every month with a return of 16.57% in the last 15 years, your investment will be Rs 18 lakh to Rs 70.70 lakh. This fund has been giving annual returns of 20.6 percent since its inception. According to this calculation, your total investment of Rs 34.7 lakhs today with a SIP of Rs 10000 every month will be Rs 13 crores today.


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