Muralidharan: Not Out Of Regret, But The League Needs Correction, Sudhakaran’s Words Said That UDF Is Tired: In his pro-RSS remarks, KPCC president K. K. Sudhakaran wants to be corrected. Muralidharan M.P. Muralidharan said that the regret was not due to the performance and that the correction should be taken in faith including the league.

Pro-RSS statements are inappropriate. It was a mistake to associate Nehru. Muralidharan pointed out that the KPCC president is the voice of the party and not because he has expressed regret.

UDF is tired of these two weeks of statements. Muralidharan also criticized Sudhakaran who should have been cautious as the president has the last word of the party.

‘Nehru never reconciled with the RSS. It was Nehru who kept Shyamaprasad Mukherjee out of the mainstream and arrested him since the RSS movement and the formation of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. Meanwhile, such a statement has worried the minorities returning to Congress.

So this statement is exhausting for Congress and UDF. The party will discuss it. Sudhakaran should have been careful as the president has the last word of the party. UDF should go ahead strongly by discussing with the League and removing their misunderstandings.

UDF is tired of these two weeks of statements. Don’t ignore the facts. “Sudhakaran’s remarks have damaged the impression of the Congress among the fanatics and the common people,” Muralidharan said.

Meanwhile, KPCC president K. After Sudhakaran’s statements, unrest has erupted within the Congress and the League. Opposition leader V.D. said that the statements of the KPCC president are serious and that Congress will look into them. Satheesan said.

‘Sudhakaran said that the controversial statement is tongue-in-cheek. Important leaders have communicated with the KPCC president on the issue. Will talk to the constituents who objected to the reference. There will be no positions in Congress that add water to the secular position. “The party is taking Sudhakaran’s death seriously,” Satheesan said.

Executive member of Alappuzha District Congress Committee H. Najeem reacted to the incident by resigning from the primary membership of the party. In Kerala K. In a note shared on Facebook, Najeem said that it was difficult to work in Congress when Sudhakaran was leading the party.

In relation to RSS, KPCC President K. PMA Salam, state general secretary of the Muslim League, said that Sudhakaran’s remarks have caused damage to the UDF.

Irrelevant statements can affect the cohesion of the front. The views of the Muslim League will be presented at appropriate venues. The league is not considering changing fronts now. He said that they are thinking about strengthening the front.

Against Sudhakaran’s remarks, M.K. League leaders including Munir MLA also came out strongly. MK said that the Muslim League’s displeasure has been conveyed to the UDF and there is no reason for the League to leave the front because someone said something. Munir responded.

At the same time, BJP state president K. Surendran responded. Surendran also alleged that the majority community within the Congress is facing big threats from the League.

KPCC president K. said that Jawaharlal Nehru had a broad sense of democracy which gave even RSS a chance. Sudhakaran’s controversial statement. The KPCC president also said that Nehru was a democratic advocate who gave a chance to RSS-CPIM leaders in Parliament. He was speaking after inaugurating the revival meeting organized by Kannur DCC.

Sudhakaran added that Nehru was even ready to make peace with the communal fascists, included Ambedkar and Shyamaprasad Mukherjee in the first cabinet and gave the post of leader of the opposition to the AKG despite its lack of membership, which was part of this democratic stance, Sudhakaran added.

Earlier, Sudhakaran’s remark that he had protected RSS branches from CPM attacks while he was KSU leader was also highly controversial.


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