Munugode Bypoll Warangal Trs Leaders: Mark Of Warangal Rose Leaders In Munugode Bypoll: The pink flag fluttered in the previous by-election, which was considered to be the foundation stone for the TRS party, which will become the BRS party and the key change in Telangana politics. TRS leaders of Warangal district made a mark in the previous by-election. Wherever he took responsibility, he took the lead and scored high marks. Especially Pochampalli Srinivas Reddy Palla Rajeshwar Reddy showed their mark. The victory of TRS in the previous by-election has filled the ranks of TRS in the joint Warangal district. Many leaders like ministers, MLAs, MLCs and ZP chairman from the district have campaigned in the past. They performed their duties efficiently and showed their mark. In the Warangal district, the leaders showed their power by bringing the majority to the party in the villages where they were in charge.

The leaders of TRS and BJP, who had taken the by-election campaign very ambitiously in the past, faced each other fiercely. The leaders of TRS, BJP, and Congress from the joint Warangal district have settled in Munugoda and campaigned a lot. Ministers Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Satya Vathi Rathore MM Lyel, MLCs, ZP Chairman, and Corporation Chairman all stayed in Munugodu and worked tirelessly for the party’s victory. All along there was a tight competition between the two parties. This excitement continued in the counting. Finally, TRS won with a majority of 10,000 votes and the ranks of TRS were shaken.

The mark of Warangal district leaders was clearly seen if we check how much they have completed the responsibility given by their leader. In particular, MLC Pochampally Srinivas Reddy showed his ability once again.. In the village where he was given responsibility, he made one side TRS vote for 1000 votes and achieved a majority of 457 votes, and showed his mark once again. Ministers Errabelli Dayakarrao, Satyavathi Rathore, MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Parakala MLA Challa Dharma Reddy, and Mahbubabad MLA Shankar Naik are in charge of the villages where TRS has achieved a majority.

MLA Pochampally Srinivas Reddy, Chief Whip Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar, MLAs Challa Dharma Reddy, Aruri Ramesh, Gandra Venkataramana Reddy, Nannapuneni Narender, Shankar Naik, Muthireddy Yadagiri Reddy, Dr. T. Rajaiah, MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy and others acted as in-charges of different villages. He settled in the respective villages and worked hard for the victory of the party. MLC Pochampally Srinivas Reddy has a reputation for efficiently handling whatever responsibilities he has been given. In the 2014 elections, he got 90% of the votes from his home village for the TRS party and gained special recognition.

The same power was shown in the previous by-elections. He performed the responsibilities given to him effectively. In the village where he was in charge, 80 percent of the 1,000 votes were cast for the TRS and they secured a majority of 457 votes and stood at the top of the constituency. Pochampalli Srinivas Reddy got the honor of getting a majority of 457 votes in a single village. TRS got a majority of 288 votes in Porlagaddathanda MPTC, which was in-charged by the State Tribal, Women, and Child Welfare Minister Satyavathy Rathore. It is noteworthy that Parakala MLA Challa Dharma Reddy got a majority of 166 votes in the village in charge.

TRS got a lead of 151 votes in Pallagutta Thanda held by Mahabubabad MLA Shankar Naik. 265 for TRS, 251 for BJP in the 105th booth, 120 for TRS, 123 for BJP in the 106th booth, 353 for TRS, 213 for BJP in the 107th booth, a total of 738 for TRS and 587 for BJP in this village. TRS got a lead of 151 votes. With this, Shankar Naik and his followers were overjoyed. Rythubandhu Samiti state president, MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy was in charge of Palivela where BJP got a lead of 400 votes. It is noteworthy that this village is the mother-in-law of BJP MLA Etela Rajender. State Panchayat Raj, Minister of Rural Development Errabelli Dayakara Rao, Aruri Ramesh, and Vinay Bhaskar in charge of Chandur Municipality LOTRS got a good majority. Warangal leaders’ strategy is the reason for the car rush in the previous by-election. On the whole, Warangal TRS leaders have scored good marks with CM KCR.
(Warangal Rep Arun Kumar (courtesy)

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