BJP released first list of candidates for the Legislative Council elections to be held in Bihar and Karnataka

Munugode Bypoll Bjp: BJP’s Defeat In Munugode Is A Good Thing?: Elders say that even if we lose sometimes, it is good. Our strengths and weaknesses will come out. Now Telangana BJP leaders are saying the same. Even though TRS won earlier, BJP’s vote bank has increased in the end. The party brought up the slogan that Munugodu’s victory will turn Telangana’s politics around. Even though the Kamalam party thought that their victory was assured after the leader who was holding on to the constituency joined the party, BJP’s chances of victory were damaged due to the comrades walking with the car. Compared to the past, BJP’s strength has increased tremendously. Some BJP leaders say that we should not look at the defeat in a negative way, but think positively.

The Kamalam Party has predicted that the BJP will increase its strength in the constituency due to the by-elections held in the previous year. Political analysts say that the BJP went to the by-elections with a clear plan. It seems that after the previous result, party leaders called Telangana leaders and congratulated them. They reported the circumstances leading to the defeat of the elders of Delhi. A hot discussion is going on in the political circles as well, that Kamal Nath has achieved what they wanted despite losing in the previous round. They say that if we go to the next year’s elections with the same aggressiveness, then the BJP flag will be hoisted in Munugodu Fort.

The by-election was brought by force from the beginning and the TRS campaign that Rajagopal Reddy had joined the BJP only for his own benefit was revealed. It is said that taking the support of both the Communist parties before the announcement of the election has come together well for the TRS party. It is said that organizing spiritual gatherings according to social groups, announcing tails to BCs, doing groundwork a few months in advance, and baiting voters with temptations contributed to TRS’s victory. The BJP leaders criticized the deployment of all the ministers and the abuse of power, which is why the TRS won.

The increase in voter turnout in the previous year also came with the help of TRS. In the past, it was thought that if the voter turnout increased, it would be negative for the ruling party and it was a sign of opposition to the government. But it has been proven earlier that it is not true. Out of the total 2,41,805 votes cast in Munugoda, the TRS party got 96,598 votes while BJP got 86,697 votes. In the 2018 bye-elections, Rajagopal Reddy, who contested on behalf of the Congress party, got 99,239 votes, while Kusukuntla Prabhakar Reddy, who contested on behalf of the TRS, got 61,687 votes. Then G. Manohar Reddy who contested on behalf of the BJP got only 12,725 votes.

BJP leaders say that the increase in BJP’s vote bank is a plus compared to the past. They say that BJP is certain to win the elections to be held in 2023 if it goes with a clear plan. Political analysts say that despite the defeat in the past, it has helped the BJP to become stronger in the future, and this is what should be learned from the defeat. Being available in the constituency, if Rajagopal Reddy takes the lead, the BJP flag will fly next time. In this race, Congress fell to the third position along with losing the sitting position. BJP, which claims to be an alternative to TRS, should say this strongly.


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