In Maharashtra, Mumbai, 15 hours after the withdrawal of electricity, some parts of the city, Navi Mumbai and Thane, were switched on around 2 pm on Tuesday. In Mumbai, suburbs of Mulund, Bhandup, Vikhroli and parts of Malad and Santacruz had no electricity until late Monday or people faced frequent power cuts.

At midnight, state Energy Minister Nitin Raut said that the workers were working on a war footing to restore power in Mulund, Thane and parts of Navi Mumbai. He had earlier stated that the areas have not received power supply as the Tata Power Plant’s nearly 500MW system is yet to be found.

He later tweeted, “Tata Generation launches. I am personally monitoring the situation and assure you that it will be all right in an hour. “Millions of people were affected after a major incident in Mumbai on Monday morning, due to” several tripping “at power supply substations in Mumbai, leading to a complete deadlock.


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