The second wave of Corona virus , which started after wreaking havoc in the country and the world, is starting to scare. The situation in Maharashtra is currently worse than other states. One major reason behind the increasing cases is the negligence of the common people. In such a situation, the administration has to be strict with fines. In Maharashtra so far, 2,03,000 people have been fined for not wearing masks. So far, Rs 4.06 crore has been recovered in this fine. This information has been revealed by the PRO of Mumbai Police.

Here, due to the rapid increase in cases of corona infection, the Government of India has decided to intensify the campaign of vaccination. All people over 45 years of age are to be vaccinated from 1 April. Other people may come soon after this. Apart from this, the government will no longer export the Corona vaccine so that the vaccination can take place in the country at a rapid pace. Sources aware of the case said on the condition of anonymity that there will be no ban on exports, but only after meeting domestic requirements, vaccines will be supplied to other countries. Apart from this, the decision of export will also depend on the rapid production of vaccines in the future.

A source said, “We have supplied the corona vaccine cormally to countries around the world and will continue to do so in the future as well.” All commercial deals and export commitments from other countries will be respected. At present, the priority of the government is to get more and more people vaccinated in the country. Vaccine production in India will increase in the coming days. In addition, some vaccines can be approved for use in emergency. In such a situation, after about two months, the government will review the export decision.


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