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Mumbai Attack: India’s Sports Community Pays Tribute To Those Killed In The Mumbai Attacks: On November 26, 2008, the city of Mumbai shook (Mumbai attack). A few young Kalashnikov-wielding Kalashnikovs are intoxicatedly playing Bloody Holi in the magical city of Mumbai at night. Terrible memories still linger.

Realizing that there has been a terrorist attack in the city, the team including senior officers of the Mumbai Police’s anti-terrorist wing were martyred in a shootout with the militants. The streets of Mumbai were then occupied by militants trained by Pakistan and Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. Militant Kasav was caught in the police net in return for the sacrifice of a policeman.

On this day, 14 years ago, the entire country witnessed terrorism and terrorists do not accept barbed wire barriers. On such a day, Mumbai City FC did not make a mistake in paying tribute to those who were killed by terrorists while handling the pressure of the football tournament. They posted on their Twitter handle and said, “Today, we pay tribute to the heroes of 26/11 for making the ultimate sacrifice in the war against terror.
I remember Mumbai. ”
Similarly, Mumbai Indians paid tribute to the victims of the Mumbai terror attack through their Instagram posts.
26/11 is not just a date. It’s an emotion. India’s integrity and sovereignty were challenged by militants supported by Pakistan and Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. Throughout the night, the militants targeted the innocent common people of Mumbai with rifles from AK47s. On hearing the news, the entire team, including the officers of the Mumbai Police’s counter-terrorism wing, went to the streets and exchanged fire with them. supported militants.

It was at such a moment that the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Mumbai Indians’ Instagram post revived the burning wounds. The post read, “Our tribute to all the brave hearts who lost their lives on this fateful day “.

On the streets of Mumbai, the whole country was shaken by only pressure and blood. As the news spread outside India, the superpowers were stunned by the horror of global terrorism. Special forces, commando troops of three forces, Mumbai police, and the army conducted a joint operation in different places of Mumbai, where the militants were hiding. Later, the process of taking the militant Kasab into custody in Jinjasabad.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar issued a warning on the 14th anniversary of this attack. He said, “Terrorism is the enemy of humanity. Today, 26/11, along with India, the whole world remembers the victims. Those who planned this heinous attack will be brought to justice. We owe it to those who have died in terrorist attacks in the world.” Still, the masterminds of the Mumbai attack are still at large in Pakistan. And the government of Pakistan under pressure from India and superpower countries has started public legal proceedings against the masterminds of the Mumbai attack through their own judicial system.

10 Lashkar militants including Ajmal Kasav entered Mumbai by water from Karachi. They first attacked Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. Then one by one Kama Hospital, Leopold Cafe, Taj Hotel, Oberoi Trident, and Nariman House was attacked. The rest of the militants except Kasav were killed in the commando operation. Ajmal Kasav was hanged in the trial. Along with this, all the manipulations of Pakistan against India were exposed in the international world.


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