Popular actor Mukesh Khanna of TV has made a special place in the heart of the audience by playing the role of ‘Bhishmapithamah’ in Mahabharata. Since the country has been under lockdown due to coronavirus, the actor has not moved out of his house in Kandivali. The actor says that a year has come, he has not left the house. How important is social distancing and now that the vaccine has arrived, due to this, people should not hurry in anything.

Mukesh Khanna says, “I have not moved out of my flat since the month of March last year. I have only gone to the roof of my building and ventured into the compound. For the past 11 months I have been following social distancing and staying at home. When the country is advising us to keep social distancing, why should we go out and meet people? Can’t we wait a few more days? Get out of the house after the vaccine and meet people too. ”

It is known that Mukesh Khanna has lost his chance to work with Bollywood stars, due to which Coronavirus was. Says Mukesh Khanna, “I had the job of doing an ad film with a Bollywood star, I let it go with my hand because I didn’t feel safe going out. I think if you go out and meet people then your chances of taking the virus are increased. I can see that people are unable to live without meeting each other and they feel the need to party too. I am not against those doing the party and against the party, but due to pandemic you can also ignore these things for some time. ”

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Mukesh Khanna says that I take my time to read, exercise and make videos. It is not difficult to find time at home. People should love themselves. I take my show to watch Shaktimaan and talk to friends on the phone and talk to the staff at home.


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