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Kapil Sharma’s show recently had the star cast of the serial Mahabharata, but during this time Mukesh Khanna was absent from the show. When there was talk of not coming to his show, he had told through social media that he feels Kapil’s show is ridiculous. Now Mukesh shared a video of him, in which he is explaining why he is so angry with Kapil.

Mukesh said, ‘Some time ago Kapil and Krishna did an act about Shaktimaan. Kapil wore Shaktimaan’s costume and he is accompanied by a girl. He moves towards the girl until his call comes and he leaves. After this, he comes back again and moves towards the girl. I got very angry. ‘

He further said, ‘I called Krishna Abhishek and said what do you guys do all these things. So he said, no … Mukesh ji was going to do this script first, but then Kapil said let me do it. I said you spoil the image of a character.

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Earlier, these things were said about the show

Mukesh had earlier said about the show, ‘I do not think any more awesome show. Filled with clumsiness, full of double-meaning jumbles, the show turns every moment to obscenity, in which men wear women’s clothes. They do lousy actions and people hold their stomach and laugh.

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He further said, ‘I will give an example. You will understand how bad the level of comedy is in this show. Earlier, the star cast of Ramayana went to the show. At that time, Kapil asks Arun Govil that you are taking a bath in the beach. One of the people in the crowd shouts and says .. Hey look, look! Ram ji also wears VIP underwear! What will you say? I just saw the promo. Arun Govil who walks around carrying the image of Shri Ramji, just smiled. The one who sees the world as Rama, how can you ask this lousy question. Don’t know what Arun said in response. If I were, I would have kept Kapil’s mouth shut, so I did not go. ‘



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