Mukesh Khanna’s talk which started with not going on The Kapil Sharma Show is still going on. The actor had earlier described Kapil’s show as “Vahiyat” and later targeted his fellow artist of Mahabharata, Gajendra Chauhan. But because Gajendra turned around and gave a befitting reply, this dispute grew rather than end. Now once again Mukesh Khanna has commented on Gajendra Chauhan. He has described his fellow artist as a sycophant.

Gajendra has become unrighteous – Mukesh Khanna

Mukesh Khanna has written a long post, sharing a photo from the set of Mahabharata on social media. In the post, Mukesh Khanna has responded to every attack of Gajendra Chauhan. In the Mahabharata, Gajendra, who became Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, has now been told by Mukesh Khanna the iniquity of Kalyug. They write- Dharmaraja of Kali Yuga should be named Adharmaraj. Dharmaraja of Dwapar used to speak the truth and supported the religion. Today’s unrighteous person says absurd, logical things. Reveals meaningless proverbs in his support.

Got the infamy as popularity

At the same time, Mukesh Khanna has once again described Gajendra Chauhan as an unsuccessful FTII chairman. According to him, Gajendra Chauhan had understood his infamy as popularity and he sat on the chair. He writes – How to become chairman, sat down in a chair and saw it on TV. Once, he told me that Mukesh stays outside my house eight to ten OB vans, to take interviews. Some people also consider slander as a name. Kasur is today’s politics in which they have tried unsuccessfully to enter.


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