MTV Roadies 15th August 2020 Written Episode Update

MTV Roadies 15th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Speaking on the corona in his speech, on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day of the country, PM said that in this extraordinary time of Corona, with the spirit of Seva Parmo Dharma, regardless of our lives our doctors, nurses, paramedical Staff, ambulance personnel, sweepers, policemen, service personnel, many people, are working round the clock continuously. On the other hand, PM Modi said about Corona’s vaccine that today no one, not two, three vaccines of Korana are currently under testing phase. As soon as the green signal is received from the scientists, the country’s preparation is also for mass production of those vaccines.

Apart from this, PM Modi said about freedom, that those who thought of expansionism for independence made a lot of efforts to expand. The urge for independence brought his intentions to life. Next year we will enter the 75th year of our independence. A huge festival is in front of us. There was no period of slavery when there was no attempt for freedom in any corner of India, there was no surrender.

He said that the idea of ​​expansionism did not just leave some countries enslaved, it did not end there. Even in the midst of fierce wars and terribleness, India did not let the freedom war diminish and damp. The spirit of expansionism pushed the world into world war. Even at that time India did not give up its independence.

PM Modi said that what we are breathing in independent India today is behind the sacrifice, sacrifice and dedication of mother Bharati to liberate mother Bharati. Today it is a festival to salute all such freedom fighters, brave martyrs. PM Modi said that the thoughts of those who came with the intention of ruling in India were overthrown by the thinking of India. PM said that they could not recognize the life force of India. The PM said that the urge for India’s independence created a source of inspiration inside the world. PM Modi said that now we have to become self-sufficient but now we have to end our dependence on others. He said that we will not be able to increase our skill as long as we keep importing.

During the last 24 hours, 57,381 corona infections have been recovered nationwide, raising the country’s national average corona recovery rate to a record 71.61 percent, up from 71 percent. The Union Health and Family Welfare said on Saturday that the corona recovery rate in the 32 states of the country is more than 50 percent and the recovery rate in ten states is more than the national average recovery rate. Delhi ranks first in terms of recovery rate. Apart from this, recovery rates are much better in Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Telangana, Odisha and Jammu Kashmir.

According to the data released by the ministry on Saturday, a total of 57,381 corona infections were cured across the country on August 14, bringing the recovery rate to 71.61 percent so far. In this way, 18,08,936 corona-infected diseases have been eradicated throughout the country so far.

With the arrival of 65002 new cases of corona infection in the last 24 hours, the number of people suffering from the infection has increased to 25,26,192. However, active cases of infection have increased by 6,625 with the release of 57,381 infectives and the death of 996 patients on August 14. There are 6,68,220 active cases of infection across the country at present.

Maharashtra has the highest number of corona infections on 14 August. In the last 24 hours, 10484 corona infected in Maharashtra have been freed. Apart from this, 9719 in Andhra Pradesh, 6940 in Karnataka, 5556 in Tamil Nadu, 3740 in Uttar Pradesh, 2646 in Bihar, 2,572 in West Bengal, 2310 in Assam, 2310 in Rajasthan, 1978 in Telangana, 1305 in Odisha, 1304 in Kerala, Gujarat. 1071, 862 in Haryana, 790 in Delhi, 671 in Jharkhand, 640 in Jammu and Kashmir, 570 in Madhya Pradesh, 489 in Punjab, 488 in Uttarakhand, 245 in Goa, 199 in Chhattisgarh, 181 in Puducherry, 116 in Himachal Pradesh and Andaman Nicobar. 108 corona infected have recovered.

Today, the country is celebrating independence. But the corona virus changed the way of celebration. This is the reason that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolor from the ramparts of the Red Fort, a lot was seen for the first time. For example, fewer guests, crowds of small children missing, social distancing, etc. Every year PM Modi warmly used to visit the tricolor crowd of children, celebrating with them the right independence for two moments, he went to Corona this year.

Actually, PM Modi could not go among children this year due to the threat of corona virus. Some children sat in front of the Red Fort in a queued manner following the rules of social distancing. But due to the threat of Corona, PM Modi just waved his hand and greeted. When his car reached the children, he got out of the car and shook hands and greeted the children and then he left in his car.

PM Modi also mentioned the absence of small children during his speech. As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi started addressing the countrymen after hoisting the flag at the Red Fort, he first remembered the small children, who used to sit in front of him every year.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address, ‘Congratulations and best wishes to all the countrymen of this sacred festival of independence. Today, small children are not seen in front of me. Corona has stopped everyone’s bright future in India. Please tell that this year due to Corona virus, a large number of these children have not been able to attend and only limited guests were called in the entire program.



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