Kangana Ranaut remains in the headlines through social media due to her opinion on every issue. At the same time, she is seen posting fiercely against Twitter against the farmer movement. Due to this, Kangana has also faced tremendous opposition at times. Recently, he was threatened by Madhya Pradesh Congress workers that he would not allow his film ‘Dhakad’ to be shot. Kangana also reacted to this on social media. Now, according to media reports, security arrangements have been made for Kangana after this threat.

Actually, Kangana is going to shoot her upcoming film ‘Dhakad’ in Sarani area of ​​Betul district, Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, Congress workers, angry with Kangana’s tweet, protested against the farmers’ protest, threatened not to allow her film to be shot. According to a PTI report, Kangana has been given protection by the MP police. According to the report, police officer Abhay Ram Chaudhary told that ‘strict security has been kept for the actress as per the order given to the SP by Home Minister Narottam Mishra of Madhya Pradesh’. He told that security cover will be installed around the actress on Friday.

It is being told that the police will be deployed at the location of the shooting, there will be tight security at the entry so that Kangana does not have to face any problem during the shooting. According to the information, it is being told that the schedule of the film in Sarani will be completed on February 17.

Explain that Congress leaders have accused Kangana of tarnishing the image of farmers. He had threatened that his film would not be allowed to be shot in Madhya Pradesh if Kangana would not apologize for it. On this, Kangana replied on Twitter and wrote – ‘I have no interest in Netagiri …. but I think Congress will leave me as a leader’.


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