MP K.Laxman: Paths For Development Of Telugu States With Central Cooperation: BJP MP K. Laxman said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is undertaking many development programs in Telugu states. K. Lakshman said on Wednesday that the Prime Minister is paving the way for the development of two Telugu states with the help of central funds. He alleged that Ramagundam Fertilizer Factory in Visakhapatnam, Telangana is going to be opened on the 11th and 12th of this month, Telangana Chief Minister KCR is not able to face BJP and Modi politically and is saying such words in Telangana. Moreover. ‘KCR is not keeping the assurances and promises given before the elections. KCR says that PM’s visit will be blocked if development programs are being taught. KCR is blocking the hopes and aspirations of the people of Telangana. Telangana traitors are being given a lot of money. TRS feels that they have won the previous election by spending hundreds of crores. BJP has the ability to deal with family and corruption in Telangana. That’s why 40 percent of the votes were given to BJP in the previous year.

Congress was completely wiped out. Ramagundam Fertilizer Factory was renovated with funds of Rs.6000 crores. , they say that if the Prime Minister comes to dedicate it to the nation, they will stop it. Left party leaders are in KCR’s mind. The Center will take measures to double the income of farmers. What is KCR’s heartburn if he is opening a fertilizer factory? Telangana ranks fourth among the states in the country where farmers commit suicide. If the farmers want to give subsidies, the Telangana government throws up its hands and tries to fight. Crop insurance is not implemented in Telangana. KCR said that he will turn Telangana into a seed bank, what happened? 30 thousand crores project of Kaleswaram Abasu Pal has been increased to 1,20,000 crores. KCR tried to separate the farmers.

Mission Bhagiratha Fare project failed. Mission Kakatiya Commission became Kakatiya. Many youths are committing suicide without notifying their employees because of the government. TRS, which said that it is a permanent job, is now in a situation where it cannot even give a job. KCR got the help of communists in the past. Communists found KCR like a monkey found a coconut shell. People are understanding all this. TRS says they will block the Prime Minister’s visit. Why are unemployment benefits not being given in Telangana for three years? Can Singareni be privatized without state government involvement? The state government is in a situation where the Singareni is being driven by the ways of profit and cannot even give them a bonus without fulfilling the legal demand. KCR is plotting to make Telangana state fireproof. KCR is acting in a way that promotes violence. In these, the communists are trying to burn.’ said Laxman.


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