Bollywood actress Mouni Roy has been traveling to the UAE, London and Maldives despite the worldwide corona virus havoc. Mouni was in UAE with her sister in March and at the same time a lockdown was announced in India. Mouni told what things they have tried in lockdown.

In a conversation with Mumbai Mirror, Mouni told that she stayed with her sister and tried her hand at painting. He told that he also does not like to enter the kitchen, but during the lockdown, he stayed in the house and tried some of his mother’s recipes. After a long time here, she left for London to shoot a web show.

On the matter of shooting during the pannedemic, Mouni said that no one knew what to expect, but everyone followed all the rules made by a department at that time. Mouni told that though his team had become used to this new normal in a very short time. He told that every week swabs of the whole team were taken so that the safety of everyone could be assured.

Mouni recently celebrated her birthday in Maldives. He told on social media that the doctors test you as soon as you reach Maldip and its report comes in the morning the next day. Mouni told that once your test is negative, after that you are allowed to roam the beach without a mask.

Mouni told that in the past 7 months, she has done corona test 7 times. He told that it is a bit uncomfortable and painful but it is very important to get it done. Let us know that Mouni Roy will come back very soon.



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