Best Ways To Learn English: How To Speak English

Mother Tongue: English Is Being Added, Telugu Is Being Pushed: Padara, your heroism is India…. In 1986, the song about India and our Telugu fame in the movie American Boy, but now the song is becoming a song. These days children are forgetting the Telugu language in the desire to go to other countries to study and get a job because of their obsession with English. Even though there were struggles to drive the English people out of our country.. but their English language seems to touch the hearts of our grandchildren. These days the youth are forgetting the Telugu language and showing more passion for the English language. It is remarkable that parents also show great desire for their children to speak English. They are teaching A, B, C, and D but they are forgetting to teach A, A, E, E. This will make the mother tongue disappear.

No matter what country you call it
No matter what seat, no one,
Praise be to your mother earth, Bharati.
Nilapara, your race is full of respect…
Patara NeeTelugu children’s songs

In our Telugu states.. even third-class students are not able to read Telugu without mistakes. However, 52 percent did not reach the minimum standards in this regard. It is worrying that 19 percent of all students cannot pronounce a single word correctly. In mathematics, 47 percent in AP and 48 percent in Telangana did not meet the minimum standards. The central government is implementing special programs in all the states in the name of Foundation Literacy and Numeracy (SLN) from the current academic year with the aim of increasing the learning abilities of primary school students. It is known that it was launched in Telangana on August 15 under the name ‘Tholimettu’. However.. before starting this program oral and written tests were conducted all over the country to know how the learning abilities. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has released a recent report on the condition of Class 3 students in mathematics and all 20 mother tongues.

As part of this survey, some students from each state prepared a report together. However.. this is a study report about 8 thousand 3rd class students in 10 thousand government, private, and aided schools in the country. Study abilities of 1,583 students from 183 schools in Telugu states were examined. Those who can read less than 8 words per minute by global standards means that they do not have the minimum basic knowledge. If you read words between 9-26 without mistakes, you are considered to have partially met the global minimum standards. If you can read between 27-50 words, you are considered to have global minimum abilities. According to this, it is clear that in AP and Telangana on average 52 percent of the people do not have the minimum learning ability… and girls are mostly better than boys. It remains to be seen what will change after the implementation of FLN.
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