Morocco Vs Spain: One Of Morocco’s Barbed Wire Lots Of Spain Tikitaka!: FIFA World Cup: Ibn Battuta’s country Morocco was first settled by the Romans. Morocco was the ‘launchpad’ for the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in the eighth century. Later came the Spanish, Portuguese and French. History remembers it all. As you will remember, the story of the Spanish slaughter of the Moroccans. The story of the field is fed by the faded history. Do you know what all that is?

A group of bloody black, brown teenagers climbing a barbed wire fence. Some are vigorously shaking makeshift ‘walls’. Moroccan police army on one side, Spanish border guard on the other side. Sometimes the bullet is running hissing, sometimes the baton hits the body. But who will block the dream of moving to Europe?

Moroccans are not the only team. There are Tunisians, Senegalese, Nigerians, Libyans, Syrians… Nobody’s country is destroyed by war bombs, nobody has any job, and there is no right address for two meals. That’s why mass-leaping is at the gateway to Europe. An undeclared struggle for the well-being and healthy living of the masses. There is no drop scene in such scenes.

Spain vs Morocco in the last 16 of the World Cup in Qatar was not confined to the green grass. Dribble, defense, square pass, banana kick, tiebreaker save, the fulki Education City has flown across the stadium and the life of Moroccans with a long colonial history. Europe and the Arab world – the color of football adds dimension to the narrative of war-treaty, love-love-hate.

Ceuta and Melia – two Spanish enclaves in North Africa. Enclave in our language. The Straits of Gibraltar and two areas on the Mediterranean Sea are witnesses of the desperate attempt to escape from life trapped on top of barbed wire. Spain’s colonial occupation of Ceuta and Melia in Khas Africa continues to this day. But the European Union, the government of Spain, the Moroccan constitutional monarchy, the hand-holding, the negotiations, and the more or less recent past is complicated. The Moroccan police and army are so desperate for black people who risk their lives to enter Europe. While Spain’s far-right has routinely railed against Arab-African migrants, European Union officials have stepped in to woo Morocco’s rulers with a show of investment. Realizing the opportunity to trouble Morocco, Madrid supports Western Sahara’s desire for independence. Waves rise in the Mediterranean, break again.

There is about 12 kilometers of barbed wire between Melia and Morocco. And 8 kilometers to Ceuta. The two-way legal-illegal goods transaction is sometimes closed, sometimes open. In the documentary ‘Border Stories’, Moroccan people of all ages are floating in the tides of hope and despair in these two border areas. Some may have managed to get into Spanish territory, swimming or hiding in cars. But there are no documents. They spend their days washing cars or carrying small goods. Some are waiting in the Moroccan jungle. Let the life go, if the opportunity meets!

The Romans first settled in Ibn Battuta’s country of Morocco. Morocco was the ‘launchpad’ for the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in the eighth century. Later came the Spanish, Portuguese and French. The Spanish and the French divided the country into two parts and maintained their power in the 20th century. Melia was taken over by Spain in the fifteenth century. Center in the seventeenth century. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when Christopher Columbus was looking for European colonization in the Americas, the Iberian Peninsula was the beginning of the Muslim ouster from Spain and Portugal. The Spanish began the ‘Reconquista’ or reconquest of Ceuta and Melia. Although Morocco gained independence in 1956, Ceuta, Melia, and other small areas were still occupied by Spain. Ceuta and Melia have become scars of Arab-Muslim humiliation at the hands of the West and the Christian world. The so-called developed world never paid much attention to Morocco, even though there was a flood of emotions over the Berlin Wall that once separated the former West and East Germany. Outside of mainland Spain, Rabat’s (Morocco’s capital) claim to African soil has been repeatedly dismissed as a flyswatter. Despite his best efforts to break the ‘wall’. Currently, Madrid is unwilling to discuss Ceuta-Melia. For more than five hundred years the area has been in their tent, this strategy shielded the Spanish.

An explosion of mass resistance undermined the regime’s logic and strategy. His six fell on the football field. That wall, that barbed wire! But this time the Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) were defeated. The Tikitaka industry has died crying on a single barbed wire. Bono, Hakimi, Sais…. Faces change. Ceuta, Melia may now be the color of happiness instead of pain. Where can one hear Pink Floyd’s call – ‘All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall’


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