Mahapanchayat in Muzaffarnagar, Bhakiyu demonstrated power, warning for the government

More Panchayats In Idukki, Wayanad, And Kozhikode Districts Are In The Buffer Zone, The List Published By Govt: According to the map published by the government, seven panchayats in Wayanad and Kozhikode districts fall under the buffer zone. More than 15 panchayats in the Idukki district will be in environmentally sensitive areas. The map released by the government goes through 87-gram panchayats of the state. Block and plot-wise details of each village are also available on the map.

The map includes Kelakam, Kottiur, Tirunelveli panchayats, and Peravoor and Mananthavadi blocks in connection with Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary. Kotter, Taviinjal, and Tirunelveli Panchayats are also included in the Kottiur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Most of the areas of Batheri municipality will be included in the buffer zone. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary also includes Mananthavadi, Sultan Batheri municipalities, Meenangadi, Mullankolli, Nenmeni, Nulpuzha, Poothadi, Pulpalli, and Tirunelveli panchayats. The Panchayats of Chakkittapara, Changaroth, Kattipara, Koothali, Koorachund, Maruthomkara, Puthupadi, Poshuthana, and Tarot is part of the Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Amarambalam, Chokkad, Karulai and Ningakadav Panchayats are part of Karimpuzha Wildlife Sanctuary and Chokkad, Kalikav, Karuvarakund, Agali, Alanlur, Kumaramputhur, Puttur Panchayats and Mannarkkad Municipality are part of Silent Valley National Park. Kuthanur, Peringotukurissy, and Thiruvilwamala panchayats are also part of the Cholannur Peacock Conservation Centre.

Peachy-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary comprises Kannambra, Kishkancherry, Chelakkara, Mullurkara, Panancherry, Panjal, Pasayannur, Puttur, Thekumkara, and Vadakancherry municipalities. The Panchayats of Kishkancherry, Vandazhi, Athirapilli, Kotassery, Mattathur, and Puttur Varantharapally which belong to the Chimney Wildlife Sanctuary are within the buffer zone. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary includes Kuttampuzha, Ailur, Kishkancheri, Nelliambati, Vandazhi, Athirapilli, Kotassery and Mattathur panchayats.

Keerampara, Kutampuzha, and Pindimana Panchayats are part of Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Marayur, Munnar and Kuttampuzha Panchayats are part of Eravikulam National Park and Kanthallur and Marayur Panchayats are part of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Anamudichola National Park includes Kanthallur, Munnar, and Vattavada panchayats, and Kanthallur and Vattavada panchayats are part of the Kurinjimala Wildlife Sanctuary.

Munnar and Vattawada panchayats related to Pampas and Chola National Park, Chinnakanal and Shantampara panchayats related to Matikettankhola National Park, Mulavukad Panchayat related to Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, Kochi Corporation, Arakkulam, Elapara, Idukki-Kanjikuzhi, Kamakshi, Kanchiyar, Mariapuram, Upputhar and Vathikudi panchayat related to Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kumali, Peruvanthanam, Vandiperiyar, Erumeli, Koruthot, Chittar, and Seethoth Panchayats in Periyar Tiger Reserve, Aryankav, Kulathupuzha, and Thenmala Panchayats as part of Senthuruni Wildlife Sanctuary and Amburi, Aryanad, Kallikad, Kutchichal, and Vitura Panchayats as part of Neyyar-Pepara Wildlife Sanctuary are environmentally sensitive as per the new map. included in the region. In the Lutheran part, the parts including the road are within the buffer zone. Panchayats are marked in black.

Pink color for environmentally sensitive areas

A map of 22 protected areas has been published. Buildings, institutions, roads, etc. are recorded in 12 items on the map. Eco-sensitive areas are colored pink on the map.

The green area on the map is the forest. Shown in pink around it is a one-kilometer area that could be a buffer zone. It has been recorded block-wise and plot-wise. All kinds of structures from roads to houses are marked in different colors.

Details can be communicated by January 7

The report is available on government websites. Objections and complaints should be conveyed as per this map of the Forest Department. A form for providing information has been published with the report. Fill out the form by 7th January [email protected] and should be sent to or made available at Joint Secretary, Forest, and Wildlife Department, 5th Floor, Secretariat Annex 2, Thiruvananthapuram 695001.


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