Monthly Horoscope February 2021: Know the monthly horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs, including Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Pisces in February 2021

Monthly Horoscope In Hindi: The month of February 2021 is very special in terms of horoscope. Dharma is special from the point of view of karma. Many important planets are also going to change in the month of February. The movements of planets and constellations are going to affect all zodiac signs. Know the monthly horoscope of this month.




Aries – This month will be full of energy. By the end of the month of February, you will get financial benefits and when the money comes, accumulating it will prove beneficial for the future. Literally follow the boss’s words in the office. Be happy, boss, take special care of this. Those who do business will have to take care of the happiness of big financier or big client during this time. In the month of February, there may be some health problems, especially viral or skin diseases. So in the middle of the month, vitamin A should be consumed more in the mid-day diet, because there will be problems related to the eyes. Do not let a single opportunity of service of father and grandfather go away by hand. By 22, the lovers couple should make a mutual agreement.


Taurus – This month, you will get the strength to express your thoughts and thoughts, then you should keep trying to get rid of other bad company or bad behavior. Those who are doing the job, they will have to keep a good rapport with the boss and the team, because there seems to be a strong fear of increasing the dispute. The merchants should pay special attention after the 20th, because by showing big profits, someone can cheat you. Students should avoid overconfidence. If there is difficulty in breathing or cough, contact the doctor immediately. Also be alert for blood related diseases. Stress can occur in married life. Avoid conflict with your spouse. Give each other time to maintain love relations.


Mithun- This month, anger will start to happen if you do not act according to your mind, looking at all these things, you have to walk with patience, the situation going on after February 13 will change. Talking about official works, so far, you have worked hard to make the work successful, the results will be available from the middle of the month. During this time it will be harmful to trust anyone with closed eyes on business. After 23, the timber business will earn profits. This month, very rich food will be painful, to keep pace with all things, to say that both over eating and empty stomach should be saved from the situation. If the conflict of importance increases, the ties of relations can be broken New love affairs will be established.


Cancer- After getting caught in problems this month, you will be able to get out patiently and smartly. Do not sign the document without reading, otherwise the pen may get stuck. Livelihood will have to be fully focused, because the effort made in the month of February will bring good results for the coming time, on the other hand, those who do public deals will also be able to earn good profits after 16 February. Yes, time will also be good for them. In the month of February, people who are aged should be more alert. Take special care if you have any problems related to the intestines. Will be able to give less time to the family, but it is important to give importance to the relationship. Distance running in love relationship will be reduced.


Singh- This month can be surrounded by some challenges, but there is absolutely no need to be frustrated and disappointed about them. From the middle of the month, all the problems will be dealt with well. Keeping control of anger, loving behavior will keep peace peaceful. Official envy or those who are not allowing to proceed in office, their number will now gradually decline. The last month of the students has passed the competition but this time will have to share notes with friends. Keep the diet balanced. A better diet plan will make the routine easier. On the one hand, if the loan ends, then the planning of buying land or building should start. The time has come to convert love affairs into relationships.


Virgo- This month the list of pending works will be less, especially land-related works will be made faster. With the restraint and balance in behavior, even difficult tasks will be completed easily. This will be the key to success in negative circumstances. Creatives will bring many good opportunities for people. Women will get success in the field of livelihood. If you are trying to take a loan to increase business, then you can get success, but be careful not to take more loans than necessary. Disease immunity will decrease, during this time diet having to increase immunity will have to be taken. If the father is suffering from any fatal disease, then advise him to remain alert after 15. Due to busy work, lovers couple will be able to give each other less time.


Libra – This month the position of the planets is such that sometimes the speed of work can be slow due to our speed. The kind of fear and worry about the future, it seems to be going away. Keeping humble in nature, there is a need to try to increase network with intelligence. Those who are doing jobs, they will get fast success by 23 February. Time will be good for leaving a job and starting a new business. You will get success in business competition. Libra people have to take care of their teeth. Chocolate toffee should be reduced, especially for young children. The responsibilities of the house will change, but the responsibility will not be reduced. Avoid hurrying into new relationships by going against the family.


Scorpio- Stay away from the tension that leads to more contemplation this month. Seeing small problems as big will increase stress. The voice will need to be restrained. Official relations will have to be saved. If you are related to the purchase department of a store, be very honest in financial matters, otherwise it can cause stress. Those who are preparing for the competition, they should follow the orders from the parents. Unnecessary technical misuse will also prove harmful. Be aware of liver problems. If you feel any initial problem, do not be negligent in seeing a doctor. Momentary anger will create a rift in close relationships. Family or love affair will create more rules and regulation in the relationship.


Dhanu- Those who had a significant confrontation, this month will bring sweetness in relations with them. Considering the previous month, keep a distance from stresses this time too. It would be very painful to make a mountain of mustard. Will need to be controlled with prudence. Do not take important decisions till 16 in the job. Do not let the relationship with the boss deteriorate when promotion time is going on. Month is very important for those doing business of import-export. Those who are avoiding health related matters and the process of recovery is going on, do not stop. Maintain sweetness in relationship with father. Things will get better after February. If tension is going on between the lovers, give each other time.


Capricorn- Avoid important confrontation this month. The annoyance will reduce the ability to work. The key to success is to keep your mind working with happiness. If you want to increase the qualification through course, diploma or degree etc. then by 12 February this decision will be more beneficial. Comments of colleagues in the office can sting in the heart. Still not giving them any feedback will give meaningful results. Negative aspects should also be considered before planning a new business. In extreme enthusiasm, the step of imprudence will harm. Happiness is the most important for mental health. Keep special awareness about the mother’s health, back pain and stomach related problems can be revealed. February is the best month for people in love affairs.


Kumbh – This month is mainly to brighten the career, so mentally, all ideology should be karma oriented. Work load can sometimes cause collision with family members. The month of February will play an important role in establishing the knowledge, experience and fame of the people associated with the job profession. Big traders may suffer, be aware. For those who are preparing to become competitive magistrate or judge, the month is going to be a success indicator. Ensure nutrients in the diet as well. If the diet is weak then the memory power will also be weak. Work load will increase, so it is important to remain fit. Keep the atmosphere of the house cheerful. The position of planets can increase tension legally. People running in love relationship give each other gifts.


Pisces – This month the negative effect of the planets will enter the mind of impure things through the ears, so keep filtering both right and wrong things. Those working in government jobs should not sign any document unread, otherwise legal problems may arise. Businessmen selling hardware and electronic face will benefit from the middle of the month. This month will be for students to study diligently, get good marks and introduce merit. Take care of the heart. It would be beneficial to minimize the intake of lubricants in the diet. If there is any problem on younger siblings, then help them. There is a possibility of a drop in the health of the father after 20 years. Happiness has to be maintained in love relationship.


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