Monster Is Not A Fully Scripted And Shot Film: There Is Only One Reason To Make Mohanlal The Hero: Monster, an investigative thriller movie directed by Vysakh starring Mohanlal as the lead, has been released. The fans are expecting a lot since it is the film that came after Pulimurukan in the Vaishakh-Mohanlal partnership.

But director Vysakh says that Monster is not a mass film like Pulimurugan and the two cannot be compared in any way.

‘Monster is a different film for me. I mean it’s different for me. The audience is the people who watch all the movies. Only they can tell how different it is for them. Everyone feels the film in a different way.

For me, it’s a movie that I haven’t seen, haven’t been to, and have never tried. It is an experimental film. The only reason to make this movie is its content. We can only get into this movie if we sit with some patience.

This is not a fast-cutting style of storytelling as we usually see in movies. It takes a while before we land on the monster. The movie is treated in a manner that becomes very interesting once you fall into it.

Everyone decided to do this film because of the uniqueness of the film’s content. When we first told the film to Antony Chetan and later to Lal sir, all the developments of the film happened because of that one interesting content. From there it developed and developed.

And this is not a movie written and shot in full-screen play. “Monster” said Vaishakh, ‘Monster is a package where the idea of ​​making a film like this, the concept is fixed and everyone participates in its discussion.

Vysakh said that since he announced the film, the question that everyone has been asking is whether it will be better than Pulimurugan or lower, and Monster is a film that has no relevance to both these questions.

Monster is a movie about another planet completely. In no way can it be compared to Pulimurugan. Pulimurugan is a movie made in the mass commercial formula. Monster is a very natural-looking thriller movie. There are many types of thrillers. This is a movie in the investigative thriller genre. But it is moving forward with an emphasis on entertainment. But don’t compare with Pulimurugan, Vaishakh said.


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