Monali Thakur father Shakti dies Singer expresses his grief by writing an emotional note

Shakti Thakur, father of Bollywood popular singer Monali Thakur, passed away. He was also an actor with Singer. Monali has shared this information with fans through social media. He has written an emotional post. Monali has shared some pictures on Instagram account, in which she is seen with her father. 

While sharing the photos, Monali wrote in the caption, ‘Shri Shakti Thakur, my father, my everything, the reason for my existence, my greatest critic and my teacher, left us yesterday. I have never seen a humble person like him in my life.

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Sri Sakti Thakur.. my father, my all.. the core of my existence, my biggest critic and cheerleader and my Teacher.. the Angelic hand above my head.. amar Baba.. physically left us yesterday.. I had never seen a more kind hearted and a more humble person in my life.. not jack of all trades but truly master of many.. his humility surprised me throughout my life.. a brain too efficient for others to catch up to him.. I started dreaming because of you Baba.. seeing you spread magic with your talent and spirit and cheerfulness.. your strength made me want to be strong like you.. I am a heartbroken but an immensely proud daughter Baba.. And I will make you proud with everything I do in life.. I will continue following your steps and will only spread love.. I am and always will be forever grateful to you for your priceless, unparalleled Love that you gave me.. And I know there is no one else on earth who can love me the way you have loved me and you still do.. even while leaving you gave us no trouble.. you went away like a King! I Love You so much Baba.. I feel you around me coz you are my Angel, protecting me from everything negative.. giving me wisdom.. I feel you more now.. Chhotu will be strong for you Baba..!! Amar Pronam tomake.. Mother Nature kept my prayers and didn’t make you suffer.. you went peacefully.. because Almighty takes care of such rare beautiful souls like you.. Amar Baba.. bhalo thheko.. Tomar Chhoton tomar kaachhe aashbe thik shomoy moto.. abar dekha hobe.. onek aador.. 🌸❤️🌺🌼🎼🎷🎺🥁🎸🪕🎤🎬 .. . . #lost #my #lifeline my #hero my #father #heartattack #dont #know #how #to #bear #the #pain

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‘Your humility always surprised me. Baba, I started dreaming because of you. Your strength made me as strong as you. Today my heart is broken, but I am proud to be your daughter. Whatever I do in my life, you will always be proud of me. I will always walk the path shown by you and just spread love. I will always be thankful for your precious and unending love, which you have given me. ‘

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Singer further wrote, ‘I know that there is no one on this earth who can love me like you. You have not caused any trouble while leaving us. You left the world like a king. I love you very much Baba. I feel you around me because you are my angel, protecting me from negative things, giving me knowledge. I feel you more than ever. ‘



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