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Virender tells sakshi to go away earlier than the kids wake up day after today morning.

I don’t want a cheater spouse like you and even my children don’t need a mother such as you! Virender offers the plane ticket to sakshi.

Depart now. I don’t even need to look you anymore.

Sakshi says you are throwing me out of your lifestyles because of this molkki. Did you overlook how you couldn’t live with out me for even a 2nd? You cherished me so much. Don’t you consider? He says i don’t forget the entirety. It’s miles you who forgot which you aren’t the sakshi who i loved immensely, without whom i could not live. This bawri you who hold calling molkki and blaming is not a sinner such as you. She has no sick emotions towards every person. I assume my sakshi certainly died five years ago in that coincidence. You aren’t my sakshi. Take this ticket and depart. Don’t display me your face ever once more. You aren’t the sakshi who i once cherished! Purvi is in tears. Sakshi looks at her teary eyed and folds her fingers. Forgive me if you could. Sakshi steps out of the room. Virender is in tears as well. Purvi hugs him and cries. Sakshi appears at the residence unluckily and thinks of all of the beyond moments with virender and their children. Good-bye! I am going away for all the time! She walks out of the house. Next morning, prakashi asks virender why he’s sitting right here like this. Is the entirety first-rate? She notices purvi and is surprised. She is here. She asks purvi how she came back. Virender says she did depart however i notion to throw the right individual out of my house myself so i added her home. Prakashi asks approximately sakshi. Virender says she has left. She wont come back ever. It is time for a person else to leave now. Prakashi asks him to talk honestly. Who’s going to go away now? Virender asks bawri to open the door. Anjali asks prakashi that virender requested molkki to open the door. It way it is her turn to go away. Jeth ji will throw her out of the residence now! Purvi opens the door. Virender asks purvi if the luggage are packed. She notices the servants and nods. Anjali and prakashi word their bags and panic. Prakashi questions virender. It changed into turn for purvi to depart. Why are our bags packed? He replies that he has lost his mind. The mother who i taken into consideration as my personal has stabbed me in my lower back. She acts harmless but he tells her that she has spoiled this sort of pious relation.

You faux to be good on my face however you did the whole thing to ruin me! She disagrees. Equal flashback is shown again. Virender says sakshi changed into alive and also you held her captive for five years. You used her as your pawn when i was coming closer to bawri. You tried to grab what belongs to my kids! Which mom does that? You aren’t a mom however an enemy! He turns to anjai. You aren’t a girl however a pesticide. You hollowed all the members of the family. You most effective know how to cheat human beings and lie. I understand the entirety that all 3 of you deliberate. I recognise all the information. Sakshi has been punished already. I have ousted her from the house already. Anjali sheds faux tears once more and begs for forgiveness however he refuses to fall for her crocodile tears once more. You have got played sufficient games already. I wont spare you now. You don’t have a place on this house or my coronary heart. Depart! Purvi requests virender to forgive them one last time. Where will they move? Virender refuses to budge. They dint think about me or any folks. Why should i think about them then? He tells prakashi and anjali to be embarrassed about themselves. You desired to throw her out of the residence but she is begging for you. As mukhi, i announce which you each will really be punished. Regulation is mainly family members. I announce which you two will depart the haveli proper away! You may live on this village in case you want. I will even pay on your charges however you’re neither my mother nor am i your son after nowadays. We’re dead to every different. Our relation is over! You’re elder to me so i am talking respectfully. Depart quietly to your very own and don’t show me your face ever again! Prakashi tells virender to do not forget these days’s date. Report it in case you want but i will truely come again to take revenge! I wont spare you. I will make certain you’ll die a painful dying. I can spoil all folks that you love.

Keep in mind this well. I wont spare you. She walks away observed by using anjali. Virender tells the servants to take their baggage outside. Purvi holds virender’s hand and rests her head on his shoulder. Kids ask virender about sakshi, anjali and prakashi. Juhi says they might have long past to temple. Virender says dadi would possibly have missed telling you that few people were happening pilgrimage. All three of them left collectively. Manas asks him when they will be back. Virender says they will come soon. Have breakfast now. Purvi asks virender why he lied to them. Virender says they’re very younger. This isn’t the right time for them to understand this. Purvi reminds him that sakshi is their ma. Virender assures her that they’ll forget about them in someday. Manas in no way neglected his mother inside the past 5 years. Purvi nods. How will you cover things when ma and bhabhi will method court? Virender says it will in no way manifest. No person will attain courtroom. She asks him what he has done. Flashback shows virender and sakshi searching prakashi’s room for the property papers. Virender reveals the file finally and tears the papers. He calls his legal professional subsequent. We are coming to you right now for some pressing paintings.

He asks sakshi to sign a few papers. Anjali and ma wont have any right over the assets afterwards. Sakshi symptoms the papers. Flashback ends. Virender says i were given a new will and took sakshi’s sign up them too. Purvi asks him who is entitled to acquire the whole lot. Is it for your call now? Virender denies. I want everything to go to my kids. I never desired whatever for myself. I used to be doing the entirety for my circle of relatives. I had named the entirety after sakshi once i got married. That’s why ma and anjali stored her alive for five years. Purvi says i am happy that you named the whole thing after the children. Virender says it’ll be fun whilst ma and anjali will discover the reality. They may be taken aback. Prakashi and anjali are walking preserving their bags. Prakashi vows to meet the lawyer and take revenge from virender. They overhear villagers speakme about how virender ousted prakashi and anjali. They take virender’s facet. Prakashi is a step mom. She have to have completed some thing incorrect. Mukhi ji is in no way unjust. Prakashi fumes. I wont spare him. I’m able to ensure he’s going to suffer and pay for the way he insulted me these days! Subsequent morning, purvi brings tea for virender. He maintains transferring to the other facet in his sleep. She sits next to him and dips his finger in the hot tea. He wakes up screaming. Is this a way to awaken a person? She offers instance of her tau ji. Are you harm? He tells her to name her tau to store her now. He pulls her closer.

They proportion an eye fixed lock. He movements the strand of hair apart and appears at her mesmerised. She rests her head on his shoulder. She tells him that they have been via loads currently. Way to kanha ji, everything is first-class now. Can we hold a shanty puja before beginning a new life? Virender likes the idea. It’s miles true. We have been via plenty in the past few days. Everything is nice now so allow’s keep this puja. Prakashi asks legal professional how those papers are of no accurate. Sakshi signed them in the front of me. How can they lose their fee? Did you be part of arms with virender? He suggests her the brand new will. Sakshi ji has modified her will before she left. You two wont get whatever from her assets now. Anjali asks him who the heir is then. Lawyer tells them (in mute).

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