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Sakshi speaks to a legal professional however he says no too. I surprise how we can get Mukhi ji out of prison now. Purvi says even I can not apprehend. Should I attempt to persuade Arjun again? Sakshi says I don’t see any good judgment in it. He will insult you again. Purvi says I apprehend however allow’s attempt again. Mukhi ji could be very critical for me. I will do whatever that he’ll say. Sakshi agrees. Let’s pass together. He may deliver in. They stand up to move whilst servant opens the door. Kids name out to Purvi. Both girls are stunned to peer them with Arjun. Purvi asks him how he’s right here. Arjun says I am right here to simply accept your case. I will keep your Mukhi. Juhi says that’s what we desired to inform you. We had stored them the opposite day. Arjun tells Purvi he dint recognize they had been her kids. You have raised them nicely. Sakshi smiles sadly. Kids hug Purvi. She asks them to visit their room. Before going, they ask Arjun if he’ll deliver their Baba home. He confirms. They thank him and head upstairs.

Arjun, Purvi and Sakshi take a seat. Purvi asks him how he have become so soft. Arjun tells her now no longer to conquer across the bush. Let’s begin operating with out losing time. Tell me all of the details. Don’t depart whatever. Purvi tells him the whole lot. Mukhi ji shot Daksh. Arjun makes a decision to satisfy Virender to determine his subsequent plan of action. Sakshi receives up as nicely however Arjun tells her to live put. Your face irritates me and I don’t revel in operating whilst irritated. She says the identical for him. I am bearing you simply due to the fact you’re critical for this case. She tells Purvi to move. I will live at home.

Arjun and Purvi meet Virender. Arjun hears Virender’s tale too. I did now no longer need to kill him. I geared toward his shoulder simply to scare him. I nonetheless can not apprehend how I ended up capturing him in his chest. Arjun says you had been indignant again then. You had been emotionally excessive too and had been centered on Purvi. you ended up capturing him on his chest instead. Virender remains not able to apprehend the way it happened. Arjun says you had been indignant again then much like you’re indignant proper now. Virender insists he isn’t indignant proper now. Arjun says your eyes say otherwise. Virender asks Purvi from wherein she has discovered him. He tells Arjun firmly that he isn’t indignant proper now. I don’t pass over an purpose even though I am indignant. Arjun repeats his words. Virender demanding situations him to deliver a gun. I will show it to you. Purvi tells Virender to calm down. Virender says I am calm. Arjun takes out his gun. I were given it internal stealthily. Take it and show me wrong. Purvi attempts to forestall Virender however he tells her to forestall. Where did you discover him? He is crazy! I am being punished for what I haven’t carried out and this legal professional is gambling video games with me. She tells him now no longer to do it. Arjun is gambling with a paper weight. Virender shoots it efficaciously whilst it’s miles mid-air. Virender Pratap Singh by no means misses his purpose whether or not he’s indignant or calm. Should I purpose at your brain? Arjun says you surpassed your test. I can congratulate you now. You haven’t shot Daksh. Virender says nobody else in that room had gun. Who ought to it be? Arjun says I am nice that there has been a person else. I will discover who it became. Purvi says there had been such a lot of human beings there. Police additionally stated that there has been best one gun. Who ought to it be? He says we should visit inn to discover that. Let’s pass now. We have very much less time. He walks out of there. Purvi tells Virender he has by no means misplaced any case. Let him discover the answer. Virender doesn’t believe in Arjun however she vouches for him.

Arjun asks Purvi to rush up. We must visit inn. She tells him to move ahead. I must pass faculty first. I will meet you in inn. He nods.

Purvi reaches inn a bit overdue and apologizes to Arjun. She is haunted through the recollections of that day. He asks her to inform her the whole lot in detail. Purvi is in tears. She tells him the whole lot. Mukhi ji keps caution Daksh however Daksh simply dint concentrate to him. He saved tough Mukhi ji to shoot him. Arjun seems on the damaged window. He seems round carefully. I must recreate the scene. Where had been you and Daksh? Don’t waste my time in case you need to keep Mukhi’s life. Tell me wherein you had been. She factors on the mattress. She lies down at the nook of the mattress withinside the identical role as that day. That’s how I became on that night. She is haunted through the recollections again. Arjun falls atop her withinside the manner as Daksh could have. She asks him to allow pass of her.

Prakashi asks Preeti what Sakshi became saying. Preeti says she became telling me the menu. Prakashi asks approximately Purvi. Preeti stocks that Purvi left with a stranger withinside the morning. Prakashi nods. Go and prepare dinner dinner now. Preeti leaves. Prakashi makes a decision to damage their plan. It will fee us dearly.

Purvi pushes Arjun away. He holds her from at the back of and he or she struggles to interrupt free. What are you doing? He tells her he isn’t interested by her. I need to discover wherein Daksh became that night. How became he positioned? He brings a waiter internal and asks Purvi to inform him wherein Virender became status with the gun. Waiter takes Virender’s role and he holds her like Daksh. Arjun tells the waiter to assume that he’s maintaining a gun. Aim at my hand. He complies. Arjun asks Purvi if that’s what Virender did. She shakes her head. It became on the opposite side.

Precap: Arjun and Purvi go to the morgue. He seems on the bullet wound and tells Purvi there is ideal information. The case will reopen tomorrow. At home, Purvi stocks the information with Sakshi. Prakashi and Anjali determine to bribe the brand new legal professional earlier than the hearing. Next day, Purvi watches Prakashi and Anjali giving bribe to Arjun. She tells Sakshi what she had visible earlier. He took that money!


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