Molkki 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the time of the election, small businesses have been affected as election flying squad officials have shown that those who bring money for business will only be released if they come with the relevant documents.

Voting will take place on April 6 in the run up to the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. Last Feb. On the evening of the 26th, the election announcement was made. Since then the rules of electoral conduct have come into force. Accordingly, the Election Commission has announced that if a person takes more than 50 thousand rupees without proper documents, it will be confiscated.

Such restrictions are imposed so that political parties do not give money or gifts to voters. New Election Flying Corps has been set up to monitor undocumented and gift-giving.

But there is also dissatisfaction with the order, which often affects small and medium-sized businesses.

In this situation, the officers of the Election Flying Corps were engaged in a vehicle inspection on the morning of March 2 in the Metala area next to Rasipuram in Namakkal district. Then, two trucks came that way to load the egg load. Officers wrapped them up and conducted a search.

One of the lorries came from Sriperumbudur and was found with undocumented cash of Rs 5 lakh. Another lorry came from Ponneri in Tiruvallur district and its driver had Rs 65,000 without documents.

During the investigation, they said that they came to buy eggs in Namakkal district. However, due to lack of proper documents for the money they brought, Rs 5.65 lakh was confiscated from both the drivers. The amount was handed over to Sakthiveli, the Returning Officer for Rasipuram constituency.

Similarly, in the Andalur Gate area of ​​Rasipuram, the Election Flying Corps seized Rs 90,000 from the driver of a lorry during a vehicle check on the morning of March 2. He said he came for the poultry business. However, he also has no evidence of that amount.

In the Rasipuram constituency, 6.55 lakh rupees were confiscated on the same day during a raid conducted by the Election Flying Corps.

Election flyers say those who carry money for business must have a receipt for the money taken from the bank, bill receipts for any business, and receipts for payments and purchases.

In the absence of such documents the amount to be taken will be confiscated and handed over to the treasury. The undeclared amount will be handed over to the Income Tax Department, Election Flying Corps officials said.


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