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Renu asks prakashi approximately anjali. Prakashi shares that she is heartbroken after what she noticed. Every person will be devastated to look her husband with a person else in a compromising position. I’m involved that she would possibly end up harming herself in some way. Sakshi tells virender now not to do this. I wont be able to see you in this condition. I wont be able to undergo all of us insulting you. She threatens purvi now not to damage virender in any manner or she wont be capable of recover ever in life. Virender asks purvi if she heard him. Put this turban on my head. You’ve got my swear.

Put this crown of thorns on my head. He reaches for it himself when she hesitates. He’s taking it. She requests him to forestall. Virender says it changed into clean to cheat me. What occurred to you now? You have to do it. I will help you. He makes her maintain it and tells her to wrap it around his head. She cries but he wont give up. She attempts to take it down announcing that she wont be able to do it. Please forgive me. He is bleeding and tells her to keep. I can put on it at any value from your palms! Sakshi appears on. Purvi receives harm by way of thorns and he too begins bleeding because of the thorns but sakshi watches them quietly. Purvi breaks down. Virender asks her how he is asking now. Am i now not looking better than earlier than? Are you satisfied now? That is how you desired to look me, right?

These wounds will never heal. I can by no means let them heal. They will job my memory of your cheating for my whole lifestyles. I wont let those wounds heal and i’m able to never overlook what you probably did till my last breath! Sakshi attempts to mention something but he warns her in opposition to it and walks away. Sakshi leaves as properly. Renu and prakashi ask anjali to open the door however in vain. Yogi receives worried for anjali too. He shouts from outdoor that he hasn’t executed whatever. You understand me nicely. I don’t know how bhabhi and that i ended up like that. He breaks open the door upon prakashi’s askance and is taken aback to now not see her within the room.

He asks prakashi who asks him about it alternatively. She hasn’t been capable of face all of us because of you! She jumped out of the window and ran away due to you. She left us! Yogi shakes his head. Don’t say this. We must locate her. Renu is on cellphone with inspector. Please inform us in case you locate whatever about anjali bhabhi. She ends the call. Purvi asks renu if virender has left from police station. Renu walks away without a phrase. Virender comes home drunk. Purvi attempts to take the bottle from his hand however he pins her to the pillar. Why shouldn’t i drink? All folks who i have depended on have cheated me! You too ended as much as be like one in every of them. She tells him it isn’t proper. You know me. I can by no means do it. Ask your coronary heart if i can ever cheat you. It turned into a lure.

A person desires to create a rift between us. I was trapped. He asks her who can trap a smart girl like her who exposes anyone. She swears upon kanha ji but he refuses to trust her. I bet you couldn’t manipulate turning into a mukhiyayini from a molkki. Sakshi changed into proper. Some thing was happening between you and yogi. She tells him towards it. Look into my eyes. He repeats that she helped yogi due to the fact they’d some thing taking place in the back of their backs. You two ought to have met in the back of our backs too. Who knows? She swears on kanha ji once more that she is harmless. He asks her if she isn’t ashamed to have a relation with his brother. She attempts to stop him however he walks away. Each person has backstabbed me. Do some thing you want to do!

Be with whoever you need to be! He liquids. Subsequent morning, purvi comes downstairs conserving a bag. She tells all and sundry that she is leaving the haveli. It might be exact for all people. Mukhi ji blamed me of ruining the lives of his elder youngsters and he blamed me for being a cheater and characterless. I wasn’t incorrect in the past and i’m now not incorrect nowadays as properly. Mukhi ji found out his mistake last time. I’m sure he’ll recognize it this time too. I will look forward to that day, mukhi ji. She touches prakashi’s ft who shakes her head and refuses to bless her. Renu and sakshi look on. Purvi appears at virender unluckily but he isn’t even searching in her route.

Past recollections flash in her head. Purvi thinks that she continues to be awaiting a miracle. I want something happens due to that you (virender) will trust me again. Desire you will prevent me before i depart the house. She will become emotional as she thinks of all of the exact and awful times. Virender seems at her as she heads for the door. He calls out after her to prevent. Purvi smiles in anticipation. Virender asks purvi about the hair peeking out of the massive field. He asks the servants to open it. They are greatly surprised to look anjali locked within the container.

Everyone is taken aback on the sight. Prakashi checks her pulse however she isn’t breathing. She cries. Anjali isn’t any extra! She blames purvi for it. Anjali turned into looking forward to her husband on the grounds that months and she died due to you! It is a suicide and you’re answerable for it! Purvi attempts to give an explanation for but prakashi does not allow her say anything. You know the way involved we had been and this befell due to you! Purvi says i kept my stuff in this container myself closing night. I don’t recognise how bhabhi ended up right here. Sakshi calls it a lie. Anjali dedicated suicide due to you. You’re accountable for her demise. You have been simply trying to take care of the dead body nowadays. Purvi tells virender it’s far a lie. He tells her to be quiet. Epi ends on purvi’s face.

Precap: renu tells sakshi, we simplest decided to kick purvi out of the residence. You killed anjali bhabhi even as doing that? Tomorrow you could kill me. Sakshi says, sufficient. Purvi and virender are at contrary facets of a door. She says, if you decided that i am the culprit, then i be given that i did the crime. Virender gets stunned. Purvi is with manas. He says, look at dadi’s phone. Someone’s message got here. Purvi exams the smartphone and receives shocked seeing a message from anjali’s telephone..


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