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Prakashi and Anjali go back to the Haveli. Prakashi scolds Anjali for falling asleep rather being attentive to Guruji. She tells her to move, take shower, and study Hanuman Chalisha. Anjali leaves. Virender returns to the Haveli now. Prakashi asks in which did he move this early? He says, there has been hearthplace in manufacturing facility remaining night. Thankfully, nobody become harm.

Anjali involves her room and receives stunned seeing Yogi and Purvi slumbering collectively. Yogi is shirtless and Purvi’s shirt is likewise underneath her shoulder. Anjali screams. Everyone rushes to her room. First Virender enters and receives stunned. Then others input and are stunned! Prakashi says, I in no way notion I will see some thing like this on this Haveli. Yogi lower back to the residence after see you later and slept together along with his Bhabhi.

Purvi is shameless already. We all are right here and they’re nevertheless slumbering. She screams asking them to wake up. Sakshi is going to Virender and tells him to be strong. Late, however as a minimum Purvi’s actual face got here in the front of you. You used to accept as true with her so tons, however she betrayed you. She reminds him of his phrases that he’s going to take his turban out and put on thorns’ crown. She asks, will you do this now? I become caution you once more and once more, so that you didn’t must see this day. I love you, I take care of you.

That’s why I desired to prevent from this Molkki. He is quiet. She tells him to talk. I am with you. He quietly walks out of the room. Sakshi smiles. Virender comes again with a bucket of water and throws water on them. They sooner or later wake up. Purvi and Yogi get stunned and confused. Virender stares at them angrily. He offers Purvi’s dupatta to her. Purvi says, I don’t recognize how I got here right here. Yogi additionally says, it’s now no longer like what you’re seeing. I don’t recognize how we got here collectively withinside the mattress. Virender slaps him. He takes Purvi’s hand and drags her out of the room. Purvi cries to concentrate to her. It’s now no longer like what he thinks.

Sakshi smiles recalling how and why she did this with a assist of a servant. Your sport is over now, Purvi.

Yogi screams announcing, you’ve got got misunderstanding, Bhaisab. It’s now no longer like what you’re seeing. He then pleads to Anjali and Prakashi that he didn’t do whatever. Prakashi slaps him. Weren’t you ashamed of doing all this? You got here again after see you later and rather going on your spouse, you probably did this? He attempts to talk, however she slaps him announcing now no longer a phrase extra. I can’t agree with I gave delivery to a person like you. It could be higher in case you had died. Anjali walks out. Prakashi is going at the back of her.

Purvi tells Virender to as a minimum concentrate to her. He throws her at the floor. She says, it’s now no longer like what you’re seeing. I haven’t completed whatever. Sakshi tells him to throw Purvi out proper now. There shouldn’t be her shadow on you. She holds his hand, however he furiously takes his hand again. Purvi keeps crying and says, I can in no way damage or insult your call or image. Virender brings a whip. She asks what are you doing? He takes out his turban, jacket, kurta.

He hits himself with the whip. Purvi and Sakshi each inform him to prevent. Purvi is going to him. He pushes her asking what else need to I do? Kill you with my hands? I am now no longer succesful to reveal my face to anybody after what you probably did. He keeps beating himself with the whip. She attempts to prevent him through hugging from again and receives harm through the whip. He movements her apart and says, I need to be punished for trusting you. Sakshi says, this Molkki merits punishment. Purvi says, I don’t recognize how I ended up in Yogi’s mattress.

She thinks a person should have combined some thing in that milkshake. He asks how tons extra will you lie? If you noticed me withinside the mattress with some other female, then could you’ve got got forgiven me? You couldn’t see me and Sakshi slumbering collectively and that become to store Manas’s life. How can I forgive you? Sakshi says, it’s established that she has an illegitimate courting with Yogi and this is why she become assisting him secretly. She should have completed some thing for Yogi and this is why Yogi gave her spouse’s profits to her. She asks Purvi, what did you suspect that you’ll do all this on this Haveli and won’t be caught? I haven’t visible any reasonably-priced female like you. Purvi tells her to close up. She is announcing whatever in view that see you later. She once more begins offevolved pleading to Virender, however he tells her to live away. He says, allow my anger come out, else it’s going to kill me from inside. I need to recall for lifetime that I relied on and cherished a Molkki so tons. He keeps beating himself. She is going to prevent him and tells him to overcome her if he needs to, however don’t harm himself. If you suspect I am wrong, then I be given any punishment.

He asks sure? She says, yes, even in case you provide me dying punishment, I’ll be given it. He says, fine. He places thorns in his turban’s fabric and says, while a spouse ties a turban on her husband’s head, his head proudly increases high, however while you do some thing like this, husband’s head lowers down with a shame. You will make me put on this thorns’ turban together along with your personal hands. Purvi appears on.

Precap: Virender forces Purvi to tie the thorns’ turban on his head. She cries and does it. Blood flows from his head. He says, you desired to peer me like this, proper? These wounds will maintain reminding me of your betrayals and ache which you gave me. Later, while Purvi is leaving, Virender stops her and asks what’s this on your bag? Someone’s lengthy hair is displaying outdoor of her bag..


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