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Purvi tells police not to bind Virender. he hasn’t done anything. Nani advises police to deal with lawbreakers as are they. She tells Virender he has trespassed enough. God has done equity with Daksh. Purvi asks her for what good reason she is saying this. You saw Daksh attempting to attack me before everybody while Mukhi ji was attempting to save me. Nani concedes that Daksh wasn’t right. However, virender was most noticeably awful.

How could it be simply to kill a person who was not even in his detects? This was a wrongdoing and he should be rebuffed for it! Purvi says he cautioned Daksh so often however he was not paying attention to anything. What’s up if Virender shot Daksh to secure me? Nani says he shot Daksh to get him out of your life. For what reason do you think often about the individual who couldn’t care less with regards to another person’s life? Purvi is befuddled. Nani says Daksh got rebuffed for his offenses and presently it is Virender’s move. I will find a sense of contentment when Virender will be hanged. Begin counting the days to his demise! She leaves. Prakashi and Anjali leave also.

Purvi cries. Virender tells her not to cry. You got what you needed. I’m disappearing from your life for a really long time. I wont live and you won’t have any objection from me. She demands him not to say like this. I dint need to rebuff you impolitely. I needed to rebuff you for the words you had utilized for me. I had never envisioned any of this. You shot Daksh to save me and my pride. You are not to blame here. Daksh was attempting to assault me. It is my obligation to save you now. I will do it at any expense. I wont let you kick the bucket. I will take you home! Reviewer advises Purvi to address her legal advisor once. Return the case. Perhaps court will alter its perspective. Do it rapidly however as we have less time. she gestures. Overseer removes Virender.

Purvi comes searching for her legal advisor and thinks that he is taking cash from Prakashi and Anjali. She slaps the attorney irately. You are a modest individual! You tricked your work and Mukhi ji! He has accomplished such a great deal for you, the residents and town! You were bamboozling him consequently. Is it safe to say that you were not embarrassed? Attorneys have an obligation to assist individuals with acquiring equity. Try not to insult your court like this. Numerous blameless individuals are in prison as a result of individuals like you while numerous hoodlums are meandering outside unreservedly. Surrender law in case this is the thing that you will do. He says sorry and leaves.

Prakashi requests that Anjali come. Purvi tells Prakashi she is embarrassed to call her Ma. Calling you Ma is an affront to the actual word. I can get how you dealt with me yet you are finishing your child’s demise by doing this when he adored you like a genuine mother! You are more awful than Kaikayi Ma. She dint request Ram ji’s passing. Prakashi inquires as to whether she is feeling terrible. You should be harmed. Virender will be hanged. You failed to remember that he and you turned your back to me first. You demonstrated it that I am his stepmother. I had beseeched you to save my Vaibhav yet you dint do anything.

You are liable for Vaibhav’s demise. You and Virender will procure what you have planted. Both of you had even tossed me out of the house. I was a stepmother all things considered. I cared for Virender when his dad kicked the bucket however he tossed me out in a matter of seconds. he even shot my genuine child before me. Purvi attempts to reason yet Prakashi advises her that she is as yet Vaibhav’s mom. I will render retribution for his passing at any expense. I need to see Virender biting the dust consequently of it. Purvi tells her this fantasy won’t work out till the time Purvi is alive. Prakashi advises her to do anything she desires. Virender wont emerge from prison. I will find a sense of contentment then, at that point. Anjali solaces her as she yells after Purvi.

Purvi meets another legal counselor. She gives him case records. He tells her that the case is extremely frail. All onlookers said that they have seen Virender shooting Daksh. This make it hard to demonstrate Virender’s blamelessness. I’m exceptionally unfortunately I will in any case make an honest effort to get Virender out of prison. She says thanks to him. If it’s not too much trouble, prepare the papers. Inquire as to whether you need anything. He requests 5 lacs ahead of time as his expenses. She consents to organize the sum and withdraws. She is concerned with regards to how she will orchestrate this much cash. I should go to Rewari for this.

Purvi takes out her adornments. Excuse me Mukhi ji however I should offer the jewelry to pay charges. Prakashi and Anjali stroll in all at once. They get some information about the accessory. She comes clean with him yet Prakashi takes it from her. Who gave you the option to sell it? This has a place with haveli. You can’t take it. She tells her that Virender had offered it to her. Just I have a right on it. I wont offer it to you. Veer says neither you nor Baba has any option to whatever’s in this haveli. Expectation you comprehend that mother had named the whole property in her children’s name.

Juhi and Manas are youthful while Nandini is in London. In fact, it is mine. Priyu tells her that she doesn’t reserve an option to remain here one or the other as Mukhi ji isn’t here at this point. You came here as Molkki. Remember your status. Purvi attempts to slap her however Priyu holds her hand. Try not to yell at me. I’m not the old Priyu who is subject to you. I will show you your status now! She holds Purvi by her hand and takes her ground floor. Anjali and Prakashi follow them.

Manas asks Juhi when Baba will be back. Juhi says I don’t have the foggiest idea yet haathi said that she will bring Baba back soon. She never makes bogus guarantees. Manas concurs. They hear Purvi’s voice and choose to actually take a look at what’s going on.

Priyu pushes Purvi outside. Manas and Juhi run first floor. Priyu tells Purvi she has no privilege to be in this haveli any longer. Juhi and Manas embrace haathi. They ask her for what valid reason Priyu is tossing her out. You dint bring Baba back. Priyu lets them know that haathi deceived them. Your Baba won’t ever returned home at this point. He will be hanged now! Purvi advises her to hush up. They are kids. Quit blathering.

Priyu tells her it is valid. Purvi consoles the children she will bring Virender home soon. Priyu tells them not to fall in the most natural sounding way for Purvi. She is lying. Virender wont return till the time I a here. She pushes Purvi. Children question Priyu yet Anjali cautions them to be peaceful or she will slap them. Priyu is furious. She has pushed haathi now. You may be straightaway. Juhi answers that they will remain where haathi will be. Anjali readily advises them to leave too. Veer attempts to stop them yet they leave with Purvi.

Prakashi sees Sudha and requests that she go with her companion also. Sudha asks Purvi what’s going on. Priyu says it is acceptable that you are here at this point. You also will be dealt with now. Recollect how you once said that you wont leave this haveli or Veer of all time? Everything has changed.

What was yours till yesterday is mine now. I will have your spot now. Get out with your companion! Sudha takes a gander at Veer who seconds Priyu. You realize I love her and not you. Disregard this wedding. Live and let me live calmly with Priyu as well. I concur that I am your better half. I will get you a house and will send cash month to month. She denies his proposition. I will confront everything myself as you have tossed me out of your life now. She leaves with Purvi, Manas and Juhi.

Manas asks Purvi where they will go at this point. Purvi says we should not get apprehensive when we are in issue. Kanha ji will direct us as we are together. She asks Sudha where they ought to go. Sudha says there is just one spot where we can go at this point. We can go to our old NGO. There is one void room. We can remain there till the time we discover a spot to remain. Purvi concurs.

The room is wrecked. Children, Sudha and Purvi clean the room together. Purvi takes care of the children. Juhi inquires as to whether Priyu was correct. Won’t Baba ever gotten back home? Scene closes on Purvi’s stunned face.

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