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Chaudhary’s guys attempt to break inside the room. Purvi tells veer that she gained’t pass without aarav. Aarav asks them what they’re doing there. Purvi says they’re there to keep him from his father. He says that they don’t know his father. He will kill all of them. It’s impossible to depart from there. Purvi says they’ll manipulate,

however he maintains pronouncing no. Veer hits a stick on his head and he falls unconscious. Veer hides with aarav. Guards spoil in and notice purvi running from a window. They comply with her. Veer brings a vehicle and purvi receives into it. Nandini asks purvi that aarav is excellent, proper? Purvi says that he’s in their home and he is nice. Nandini hugs purvi. Virender tells nandini not to cry. It’s time for chaudhary to cry.

He has hurt all and sundry loads and now it’s a payback time. Veer comes there. Nandini hugs him. Virender calls purvi “jhansi ki rani” and asks if she’s great. She over again did a favor on his family. She says it’s her family too. Nandini says that she’s right. They’re one family. She thanks both virender and purvi. She also asks for forgiveness for doing wrong with them. She hugs virender.

Veer tells nandini that she must have visible how purvi beat up the ones guys. Karate and all is not anything in front of that. He further says that he understood proper value of mother and father nowadays. They don’t let youngsters get hurt even the slighest. He calls virender father and says they’re lucky to have them as their parents. They’ve a collection hug. They arrive to the workplace. Seeing virender’s self assurance, chaudhary wonders what befell.

Virender throws ink on him. Chaudhary asks if he is in his senses. Virender says he’ll combat inside the election and win as nicely. He is not retreating from the election. Chaudhary asks him if he forgot what he can do with nandini. Virender starts beating him up. Nandini tells chaudhary till her father is there, nobody can do anything to her. Chaudhary is taken away. All people gathers for the election results. Virender is said as a winner. Everyone is happy. He’s given a new turban. Virender says that he desires to get it from his son.

Veer feels happy. He is going at the degree and places the brand new turban on virender’s head. Priyu smiles searching at veer. Sudha also receives satisfied. Veer is blindfolded and he’s playing with youngsters, sudha, priyu. He falls down and receives harm. Sudha receives worried. Priyu is going somewhere. Purvi asks whether or not she’s going to get medicine. Priyu says it’s only a small wound, he might be ok. She is thirsty, so is going to drink water. She leaves. Sudha tells veer that she will pass and get medication/resource.

Purvi says in her mind that sudha issues a lot for veer and it makes no distinction to priyu. Sudha virtually cares plenty for veer and is aware his ache, that’s why she ran to get remedy. Purvi is making bed. Virender comes and watches her. She turns and asks when he got here. He says he’s always round her. She says that he’s showing an excessive amount of love today. She asks him to transport and permit her make the bed.

He tells her to first pay attention what’s in his coronary heart. She tells him to head ahead. He says that he desires to thank her from his coronary heart. She asks for what? He says for what she did for his domestic, his children. He by no means imagined that the entirety could be pleasant between him and his children. Today they’re calling him father from their heart. She turned enmity into love among him and nandini, veer.

She says that she should be thanking him. He informed veer and nandini to now not tell chaudhary’s fact to her, in order that she doesn’t sense terrible or responsible. She trusted a incorrect person and went in opposition to him and got nandini married. He turned into going to take this kind of big step for her. He says thanks is a completely small phrase for what she does for this circle of relatives. He is mukhi again simply because of her. She says he’s misunderstood. Something she did became for her. He’s careworn. He asks how’s that?

She shows attitude and asks she looks as if a mukhyani, proper? She just used him, so that she can remain mukhyani. She asks him to salute to her. He is impressed. He asks what she will do as a mukhyani? Rule village people? She says that it’s no longer fun to rule people. It’s amusing to rule the ruler, meaning him. He says he’s already her slave. He asks for a hug. She hugs him. He doesn’t go away her. She says a person can also come. He says who has daring to come to mukhyani’s room without permission beside her slave. She smiles and hugs him again.

Chaudhary meets someone and says he did a lot, but he couldn’t grow to be mukhi because of that molkki. He nonetheless has one last circulate. He tells that man or woman that he’ll visit their home and take revenge. That person’s face is shown and it’s aarav.

Aarav says he’s going to take revenge from virender that he’ll consider for his complete lifestyles. He laughs recalling how they fooled nandini. He by no means were given injured, just faked all of the accidents. Aarav assures chaudhary that quickly he may be mukhi.

Precap: aarav informs his father that virender and purvi just left the house. He tells him to finish them. Nandini asks finish whom? Chaudhary and his men are at the back of virender and purvi. Purvi tries to run with virender on a wheelchair. Chaudary fires a bullet and it hits virender.


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