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Daksh reveals to Purvi no matter what she will be his today. She hits him on his head with a container as he makes one more stride towards her. He begins dying.

Prakashi asks Anjali and Virender where they are set for. Anjali mentions to her what she saw. Prakashi advises her not to say as much. I feel awful for Purvi. She denied Daksh and is sorrowful. He probably gone to address her in intoxicated expressed. Virender inquires as to whether they need to hold a Panchayat here this moment and leaves. Prakashi and Anjali grin. They follow him.

Purvi advises Daksh to stop. He pushes her on the bed. She attempts to make a beeline for the entryway yet he doesn’t release her. She asks him what has befallen him. You don’t do this to young ladies. She cries. He reveals to her that she isn’t the Dhwani who can swindle Daksh. You began this game. I will end it.

She demands him to stop yet he pushes her on the bed. He pulls her and her garments get torn simultaneously. Virender is at the window at the present time. Purvi shouts Mukhi ji. Virender cautions Daksh to relinquish her. I will kill you in any case. Daksh holds her hand firmly. She demands him to give up and requests that Virender help her. Daksh inquires as to whether he should leave her so she can turn into his once more. Virender provokes him to come outside. Daksh says you paid for herself and brought her home.

How modest! This isn’t Purvi yet my Dhwani. I love my Dhwani. I haven’t got her by paying cash for her. you have swindled me by concealing your reality from me. Is it safe to say that you aren’t embarrassed? You returned to take your Molkki utilizing the agreement as a hoax? I’m Daksh Shekhawat. I never make an arrangement with misfortune. Purvi demands Dakh to give up. Daksh reveals to Virender now his Molkki will turn into his, by adoration or forcibly. He pushes Purvi on the bed. Virender is irate outside.

Purvi folds her hands however Daksh continues to draw nearer. Virender breaks the window utilizing a jar yet there are barbecues. Virender heads to the entryway. He attempts to tear open it yet to no end. One of the gatekeepers choose to beware of Virender. He has been away for a really long time. Virender falls flat in opening the entryway.

Nani asks Prakashi and Anjali what’s going on. Prakashi advises her to search for herself. Nani is stunned to see Daksh subsequently. She asks the women what’s going on. Prakashi imparts their arrangement to her. Purvi will be Daksh’s eventually. Anjali gestures. We induced him such a lot of that he needs to make an actual association with her. we wouldn’t fret how its done. We just consideration that Purvi should turn into his. Nani slaps her. what have you folks done? I need to make Purvi my DIL. I don’t expect to make my Daksh a crook. Don’t you understand he would be shipped off prison for this? What will be left then, at that point? She yells at Daksh to stop. Try not.

Gatekeeper comes to there and inquires as to whether all is great. Virender takes his firearm, takes shots at the lock and tempests in. He focuses the weapon at Daksh. Relinquish Bawri. I wont spare you in any case. Daksh will not move. Virender gives him another admonition yet Daksh moves him to shoot him. I wont leave her. Virender gives him a last admonition. Purvi pushes Daksh and attempts to go to Virender yet Daksh gets holds of her. Virender advises Daksh to relinquish Bawri. I’m asking you pleasantly. Daksh advises him to shoot. Virender yells at him however to no end.

Nani requests that the women stop Virender. He will kill Daksh in any case. I wont spare you on the off chance that anything happens to Daksh. She chooses to stop Virender himself and heads inside. Veer and Priyu notice them all going to Daksh’s room and choose to actually look at what’s going on.

Daksh will not relinquish Purvi even after rehashed alerts. Veer stresses for Virender.

Juhi awakens and is astounded to see Virender missing. She awakens Manas. Do you know where Baba should be? He answers that they just see dreams while resting. She advises him not to rest so profoundly or somebody may get him. They head outside and get some information about Virender. He offers to bring Virender and sends them inside. They go along.

Nani demands Daksh to relinquish Purvi. she requests that Virender drop the weapon. He is intoxicated. Virender advises her to tell Daksh. Nani reasons that he is inebriated at the present time. You realize he isn’t care for this. Prakashi advises Virender to drop the firearm. Imagine a scenario in which Daksh gets injured. Virender waits. Purvi gives Virender her swear. He is inebriated. He isn’t in his detects. Virender yells Nani to request that Daksh let go. Nani asks Daksh however he continues to move Virender to shoot him. Veer requests that Virender drop the weapon. Similar contentions proceed. Everybody attempts to persuade Virender to ease off.

Juhi and Manas are concerned for Virender.

Daksh requests that Virender shoot him. Purvi yells against it. She advises Daksh not. Daksh demands that Dhwani has a place with him. She wont go anyplace. Virender shoots a slug. Children hear the commotion and get strained.

Daksh has been shot in the chest. Everybody looks on in shock as he falls on the bed. He drops. Nani shouts his name. Purvi and Virender look on in dismay. Nani attempts to awaken him however in dismay. She separates. Purvi asks Virender what he has done. Virender focused on Daksh’s arms. Veer discloses to Virender that he has killed Daksh. Virender says I focused on his arm. I don’t have a terrible point. I dint kill him. Veer says you were excessively irate to the point that you pointed inaccurately. You have gone visually impaired in Purvi’s affection! What have you done?

Juhi and Manas stress for haathi. They choose to go to her room first.

Chandni goes to Purvi’s room and is dazed to see Daksh lying dead. The other gatekeeper comes to there also. Nani asks Chandni for what valid reason she is here. You are the person who has gotten this under way. Your sibling would have been alive today on the off chance that you hadn’t called Mukhi! Nani holds Virender by his collar. I wont spare you as you have grabbed my Daksh from me. I will send you to imprison for a really long time! You will be reviled! She faults Purvi next. Daksh gave you life while you gave him passing. I will send every one of you to imprison! You will all be reviled! She pushes Purvi and requests that she leave. Chandni cries quietly.

Police comes there with police staff. Nani requests that Inspector capture Virender. Virender says I was simply attempting to alarm him as he was attacking my better half. I was focusing on his arm. I don’t have the foggiest idea how he had chance in the heart. Overseer takes the weapon from Virender. Nani reveals to Inspector Virender is lying. Reviewer reveals to her he will deal with everything. He discloses to Virender only one slug has been shot. We need to take you in authority.

Purvi attempts to stop them yet to no end. Children ask Virender for what good reason police is removing him. Virender reveals to them that he should go at this point. Recollect that your Baba hasn’t done anything wrong. They won’t release him and embrace him. Purvi solaces them. Priyu grins behind the scenes. Nani leaves and tells the children that Virender has killed Daksh. Indeed, even your haathi will go to prison soon. I will perceive how they wont be hanged now! Police removes Virender.

Prakashi requests that Anjali squeeze her. anjali obliges. Prakashi is excited to understand this is valid. Virender wont return to our life or haveli now. We will dispose of Molkki as well. Presently Virender will decay and pass on in prison!

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