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Virender asks Purvi what she is questioning. What befell? Purvi says I ought to provide breakfast to kids. Can I provide it afterwards? Renu says all of us can provide cash to kids. You can provide me cash now. Virender gives to offer it instead. He is greatly surprised to look the secure open. Was there a theft? He summons the servants. Sakshi is status on the door. Virender asks the servants and Purvi approximately the cash. Why become it open? Sakshi pretends to be greatly surprised. Someone stole from the haveli! Virender asks Purvi again. Sakshi says she might have stated some thing if she knew some thing. I will name police. Purvi tells her towards it. I took out cash from secure. Virender asks her why she wanted it. Purvi lies that she helped Sudha. She wanted cash for NGO. Virender says there’s not anything to fear. You did a great thing. She is supporting NGO a lot. I will ask my assistant to convey greater coins. He offers anything is withinside the secure to Renu and tells her to manipulate for now. She nods. Renu and Sakshi leave.

Renu asks Sakshi what has befell to Bhai ji. You desired to entice Purvi however Bhai ji ended up praising her on what she did. How did you understand that the secure become empty? Sakshi smirks.

Flashback indicates Sakshi noticing Purvi commencing the secure overdue at night time and moving the coins withinside the bag. Why is she disposing of cash stealthily? It looks as if she is hiding some thing. I should discover what it’s miles. It is a great chance. I will use it for my benefit. She knocks at Renu’s door and tells her to invite for extra cash from Virender tomorrow. Renu is hesitant however Sakshi tells her now no longer to apply her brain. Do as I say in case you need to take revenge from Purvi. Renu agrees. Flashback ends.

Sakshi is positive Purvi is hiding some thing. Why did she ought to scouse borrow the cash at night time if she needed to provide it to Sudha? We should discover what she is up to. Renu nods. What must we do now? Sakshi says I will let you know what must do next.

Renu tells Virender she is curious to paintings withinside the NGO after listening to approximately it from Purvi Bhabhi. It will hold me distracted. He appreciates the notion and takes her to satisfy Sudha.

Virender introduces Renu to Sudha. Renu speaks of the donation made via way of means of Purvi. I need to do some thing as well. Sudha says it is a great notion however Purvi hasn’t made the sort of donation. Renu speaks of the donation that Purvi had instructed them approximately. Sudha says it should be approximately a few different NGO. We haven’t met because a few time. It can not be true. Renu asks Virender why Purvi instructed them that. Virender says I don’t recognise that either. There should be a misunderstanding. You can paintings here. I can be back. Renu is thrilled on the notion that Purvi has been uncovered finally. Let’s see who will shop her from Bhai ji now.

Virender is pacing withinside the haveli. Why did Bawri mislead me? She stated that she donated the cash to Sudha’s NGO however Sudha stated it hasn’t befell. What has she accomplished with the cash? Sakshi and Renu are looking him from upstairs. Sakshi tells Renu she did correct. Mukhi ji appears first-class as he’s irritated with Purvi proper now. Let’s see what occurs whilst Purvi comes back. Purvi enters simply then. Virender asks her in which she become. She lies approximately going with Sudha for a few NGO paintings. He tells her she is mendacity. You weren’t together along with her nowadays and also you dint even provide her cash the day past. Purvi realizes that he has observed out the whole lot. I should cope with the problem or his anger can be piqued. Virender asks her to talk up. Purvi repeats her words. Virender asks her why Sudha instructed him that it isn’t true. Sudha enters and tells Virender it’s miles her fault. Purvi had instructed the accountant now no longer to inform me approximately the donation. Virender asks her why. Sudha says she did now no longer need me to discover that my pal has helped the NGO. I did now no longer recognise approximately it while you had requested me however I discover from the accountant once you left. I had instructed her as a chum that NGO wishes cash. She had agreed then and there simplest however I did now no longer need her to assist me simply due to the fact she is my pal. You can see the receipt in case you need. Purvi tells her now no longer to fear. Mukhi ji and my bond isn’t so vulnerable that he’s going to want proof. Virender tells her that none of this will have befell if she had instructed him the complete reality the day past. Sakshi and Renu appearance disappointed. Virender praises Purvi at the donation. Purvi and Sudha study every different.

Flashback indicates Purvi assembly Sudha. Sudha tells Purvi approximately the donation. Purvi asks her for her assist. I took out a large quantity from the secure. I lied to Mukhi ji whilst he requested me approximately it. Sudha realizes that that is why he become asking her approximately cash. I instructed him that I did now no longer take some thing from you. What will appear now? Purvi says I don’t suppose he’s going to talk this subject matter however you should lie as well. Sudha asks her if she is in a few problem. Purvi assures her approximately it. I will let you know the reality whilst it’s time. Sudha nods. Flashback ends.

Virender tells Purvi he made a mistake via way of means of doubting her. Purvi corrects him that he become maintaining a file of it. He wasn’t incorrect in doing it. He smiles. Sudha takes their leave. Purvi is going to look her off. She thank you Sudha for saving her. Sudha says I don’t recognise who you’ve got got given it to however is it the proper thing. Purvi asks her if she trusts her. Sudha nods. Purvi tells her now no longer to fear then. I will cope with the whole lot. I don’t recognize Renu Di. I take so correct care of her however she nevertheless appears disappointed with me over some thing. Sudha is confused. What can be the reason? Purvi shrugs. She requested for cash from Mukhi ji the day past and on the other hand nowadays. I noticed that the bundles that she took the day past had been mendacity untouched in her drawer. I suppose what she did nowadays become intentional. She desired Mukhi ji to discover that the secure is empty. I suppose she desired Mukhi ji to impeach me over it. Sudha says it is probably true. What will you do now? Purvi wishes to talk to her and clean the misunderstanding. Sudha tells her to be careful. She is Mukhi ji’s sister after all. Purvi nods. They hug and Sudha leaves.

Renu makes a face as Purvi enters in her room. Purvi asks her if she has a few problem. Is a person bothering you? You can inform me if there’s some thing. Renu comes to a decision to make an excuse. Purvi must now no longer recognise why I requested for cash from Bhai ji twice. She lies to Purvi that she took cash to shop for an high-priced present for Virender. Do you doubt me? I took it from you to shop for present for Bhai ji. Purvi stops her and apologizes to her if she felt bad. I become concerned which you is probably in problem or in case you are hiding some thing. What you’re questioning is correct. There were such a lot of misunderstandings recently. I don’t need them to aggravate. She leaves. Renu locks the door from inside. Sakshi steps out of the toilet and praises Renu. You have lied brilliantly. Purvi wont doubt you at all. Renu says it wont matter. Bhai ji nevertheless believes Purvi. He nevertheless thinks that the whole lot is fine. Sakshi tells her that she has an answer for that.

Precap: Sakshi tells Virender that our personal harm us. Virender says, Purvi will by no means betray me on this life. Sakshi asks what if she does? Virender says, I will do away with my turban and put on thorns. A maid calls and informs Sakshi that Purvi is in marketplace and there’s a few man together along with her. Virender is likewise withinside the identical marketplace with Renu. He says he’s going to name Purvi and he or she will pick out herself. Renu says, there’s no want to name. She is proper at the back of you..


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