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Next morning, Purvi’s mom requests Purvi to get her Baba out of prison. Purvi is taken aback. You recognise I wont do it as mukhi ji punished Baba upon my askance. You recognise what Baba has carried out tp Renu Didi. Why do you need to shop him in any case this? Her mom tells her that her brother’s existence is in danger. She suggests the video to Purvi. Purvi seems at her mom in shock. Her mom tells her to get him out of prison so that you can shop her brother. Purvi asks her who’s at the back of it. Her mom lies that it’s miles her husband. Purvi says I am ashamed to even name him Baba. Don’t cry. I will bail him out. Her mom nods.

Purvi’s Baba receives bail. He tells Purvi she needed to come to get him out of right here. Purvi says you dint depart every other option. Get out of my existence and by no means come lower back! Don’t damage my brother or you may see the worst of me! Her Baba laughs heartily. Sakshi is looking them from her car. You fell in my lure finally. Your Baba were given out of prison and you’ll get out of the haveli now. Your countdown has begun!

Purvi’s Baba enters haveli and calls out to his spouse. Virender tells him to be quiet. How did you get out of prison and the way are you right here? He replies that he hasn’t come right here to satisfy Virender. I actually have come to take my spouse. Renu, Purvi and her mom come there. Prakashi, Anjali and Sakshi watch the drama from upstairs. He asks his spouse to come. We wont live right here for every other second. Purvi tells him that her mom wont move anywhere. You will move to your own. He demanding situations her and holds his spouse’s hand. Purvi tells him to forestall however her mom tells her to allow her go along with her husband.

Virender asks Purvi’s father who bailed him. How did you get out of prison? Sakshi smiles. This is what I were ready for. It might be fun. Purvi’s father tells Virender to invite his spouse. He walks out together along with his spouse. Virender asks Purvi why she were given her father out of prison. Purvi admits that she is the only who were given him out on bail. Renu leaves and so does Virender. Sakshi smirks.

Sakshi notices Renu sitting quietly and sits subsequent to her. I am feeling very horrific for you. Your Bhai ji supported Purvi who did incorrect to you. She did drama and despatched her father to prison however then were given him out of prison too! The quicker you escape from this sort of sly person, the better!

Virender tells Purvi he isn’t glad with what she did today. You desired your Baba to be punished. You were given him out of prison even after what he has carried out to Renu. She tells him that she had no different option. Baba had abducted my more youthful brother. Virender is stunned. Purvi says I were given him out of prison so he wont kill my brother. She suggests the video to him. Virender can not accept as true with that he can slump so low. Purvi says I desired him to be punished for his misdeeds however I had no different choice to shop him. Please forgive me. He hugs her. Don’t worry. Situations end up some thing else sometimes. You have advised me everything. I will manipulate matters and Renu if needed.

Sakshi keeps to badmouth Purvi. She has fooled you via way of means of helping you in the front of everyone. She has backstabbed you via way of means of bailing her Baba stealthily. Renu agrees. She is helping the only who has ruined my existence. I will educate her a lesson. I wont believe her in any respect now! I will persuade Bhai ji to throw her out the haveli. It isn’t simply her father however Purvi too who has ruined my existence! I can not stay beneathneath the equal roof with a cheater like her! Now Bhai ji ought to decide. Only one people will live on this haveli now! Sakshi calls her naive. He wont throw Molkki out of haveli upon your askance. He has grow to be blind in her love. Renu insists that she can be able to inform him to select among her and Purvi. Sakshi tells her to offer it a shot if she desires however your Bhai ji can ask you to percent your luggage and leaves. Renu calls her Sakshi Bhabhi as she holds her hand. Tell me what I have to do. Sakshi advises her to be sly like Molkki. She waits for the proper time to assault on her prey. You ought to do the equal. Win her believe first after which stab her withinside the lower back. I recognise we can not slump this low however we ought to try! Start filling Mukhi ji’s ears in opposition to her via way of means of pretending to aid her. he ought to throw her out for forever! Renu nods. You are proper. It might be tit for tat now. Sakshi smiles. Now Renu will write the remaining bankruptcy of Mukhi ji and Molkki’s story.

Next morning, children, Sakshi and Renu are having breakfast. Kids are keen to take Renu out somewhere. Renu isn’t eager to go along with Purvi. Purvi asks Renu to pick a place. Renu leaves it at the children. Purvi gets a name. She subsequent tells the children to go along with Renu. I need to visit Sudha’s NGO for work. Kids agree and visit change. Renu is positive some thing is inaccurate as Purvi left in a rush. Sakshi says even I actually have a doubt. She neither took Sudha’s call nor of NGO. We ought to discover.

Virender asks Bawri to carry water. Renu walks in with water. He says you can have advised a servant to carry it. She says I can try this an awful lot for my Bhai ji. I want a few cash. He tells her to take it from Bawri. She stocks that she wont be glad requesting cash time and again. You can deliver me a month-to-month allowance. Virender likes the idea. I will ask Purvi to offer you month-to-month allowance then. Renu tells him that she isn’t at domestic due to the fact that morning. Don’t recognise wherein she is however she hasn’t back domestic until now. Purvi enters simply then. Virender asks her wherein she was. She tells him that she went to Sudha’s NGO to assist her. he nods. Give Renu month-to-month allowance. Purvi unlocks the secure. Renu is stunned to look the quantity of coins withinside the secure. Purvi offers her cash. Let us recognise in case you want extra cash. Renu thank you her.

At night, Purvi exams on Virender. He is in deep sleep. She takes out a bag from the cabinet and opens the secure. She empties the secure and leaves with the bag. She offers the bag to someone. This is what you had requested for. Give them lower back to me quickly earlier than absolutely everyone reveals out anything. The man together along with his head protected with blanket nods. Purvi heads lower back inside.

Renu asks for extra cash from Virender. Virender tells her now no longer to sense shy. Purvi brings tea for Virender who tells Purvi to offer a few cash to Renu again. Purvi receives tensed. Mukhi ji will discover approximately the empty secure if I open it now.

Kanku hides from Sejal and Anandi. She attempts to go away from the house….


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