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Nani advises them to do everything except ensure Purvi turns into Daksh’s. She leaves. Prakashi advises Anjali to get right into it.

Anjali records video where Virender takes care of soup to Purvi and even wipes it off her face when it spills. Purvi discloses to Virender she had enough. He demands her to drink somewhat more however she rejects. Kindly leave. He requests that she say thank you before that. She asks him for what reason. He says you used to take care of me unpleasant drugs at whatever point I used to become sick. This is typical. She requests that he go. I need to go to washroom as well. He remains close to the entryway. She gets up with trouble. She is as yet feeling woozy. Virender strolls towards her and she falls in his arms. Anjali is recording everything. Purvi and Virender share an eye lock. Bawri plays behind the scenes. Purvi turns away. Manas and Juhi are occupied with playing. Purvi steps away yet trips once more. Virender holds her without a moment to spare. She is helped to remember how he had held her when she was unable to recollect that anything. Virender inquires as to whether she perceived how she can’t stroll for 2 stages without him. How might you live alone when you are sick? You need to take care of the children as well. She gazes at him. He advises her not. Keep your hand behind me. I will take you to washroom. She surrenders. Virender discloses to Purvi she has put on weight as he helps her walk. She grimaces. He requests that she come.

Anjali reveals to Prakashi this recording will wrap up of the work for us. They giggle.

Nani inquires as to whether she is cheerful at this point. You destroyed your sibling’s marriage. Is it true that you are fulfilled at this point? Daksh and Purvi would have gotten hitched at this point in the event that you hadn’t called Virender. Chandni reveals to her that she is the person who was cheating here. Whatever I did was correct. Mukhi ji’s significant other can’t be Daksh’s joy. It is illicit to drive a wedded young lady to wed without getting divorce first. You ought to say thanks to me. You would have wound up in Jail in any case. Purvi had just lost her memory. Her wedding wasn’t finished. I’m with her in her choice. Stop this cheating, scheme and lies. Let Purvi and Mukhi ji carry on with their life calmly.

Daksh considers how Virender was taking care of soup to Purvi prior. He presents himself with a beverage when Prakashi and Anjali enter. Prakashi claims to identify with him. That young lady doesn’t merit any of it. We brought evidence for you so you will trust us. Anjali informs him regarding the video she has recorded. That young lady revealed to you she wont wed you or go with Jeth ji yet she is in Jeth ji’s arms. Daksh won’t trust it yet they show him the video. Anjali blends something in his beverage. He is in tears. Prakashi says this was going on at some point back as it were. She is an improper young lady. She said she wont consume her time on earth with you or Virender. she needed to look extraordinary before everybody. Perceive how Virender is getting along everything for herself and she is appreciating it. It doesn’t appear to be that she isn’t partaking in any of it. She is certainly not a conventional young lady all things considered. She is a Molkki. Molkki’s expertise to trap and utilize individuals. She was around you when she required you. She made you her companion and consented to wed you until Virender turned up. That is the means by which Molkki’s are. Daksh swallows down the beverage. Prakashi says Molkki’s don’t have a place with one individual. They continue to pick individuals according to their desire. Anjali reveals to Daksh they have been straightforward with him. Molkki’s can be monitored with power. They leave.

Virender imagines that Purvi probably won’t have the option to rest appropriately with the children. He chooses to mind her. Purvi can’t rest. She is astounded to see Virender there. What are you doing here? He reveals to her that he has come to take the children. She will not release them anyplace. He says I am taking them to my room so you can rest calmly. I will bring them back in the first part of the day. Children second Virender and kiss her goodbye. We will come to you toward the beginning of the day. They go with Virender.

Purvi turns off the lights and rests once more.

Daksh continues to watch the video. He thinks about the past minutes with Purvi and keeps drinking. Prakashi and Anjali watch him from the window. Anjali says appears as though our work is finished. He has freaked out in the wake of watching the video and he has lost his faculties subsequent to drinking liquor. Prakashi says trust that occurs without a doubt. He ought to go to Molkki’s room in this condition and attacks her so she will escape our life unequivocally! Daksh mumbles that he can’t lose her (Dhwani). Daksh never loses in business and I wont lose in adoration as well. You will be mine today, Dhwani! Prakashi intellectually persuades him to go to Purvi’s room. Daksh leaves. Prakashi smiles.

Purvi feels that Virender took the children for reasons unknown. I would have rested all the more calmly in case they were here. She chooses to bring them back and sits up. Daksh enters all of a sudden. She asks the individual what it’s identity is. Mukhi ji? Daksh is troubled to hear Virender’s name. purvi asks him for what good reason he is here. Is it accurate to say that you are smashed? If it’s not too much trouble, leave. He denies. I have come here today to come nearer. He holds her by her shoulders. She asks him what he is doing. Daksh says you attempted to dismiss me however you should realize that Daksh Shekhawat loses nothing. She attempts to contend yet he discloses to her that she will be his around evening time. Nobody, not even you can isolate us today. She requests that he let go of her. You are not in your faculties. He holds her firmly. You are not in your faculties. You have become insane for Mukhi. For what reason did you do this to me? She requests that he let go of her. He asks her for what valid reason she did this to him when she knows the amount he adores her. She advises him to leave her hand. Try not to babble. He progresses towards her. She shouts for help. He covers her mouth. You are calling me pointless since Mukhi is back in your life. For what reason would you say you were in Mukhi’s arms when you said that you would prefer not to remain with both of us? Anjali and Prakashi watch the show from outside. Daksh requests that Purvi respond to him. How were you doing him? She shouts that he is crossing his cutoff points. Kindly leave. He demands that he saw her in his arms himself. Is this is on the grounds that you are his slave? He paid for yourself and made you his Molkki? She slaps him. How could you say it? Relinquish my hand. It is harming. He discloses to her that the slap wont shroud reality. She advises him that she isn’t Dhwani yet Purvi. He says whoever you might be nevertheless you are exceptionally egotistical. For what reason did you do this to me? You have just see my consideration and love till now. You will see my vengeance now. Nobody can isolate us from being together this evening. She cries. Relinquish my hand. It is harming. He discloses to her that nobody can stop him today. You will be mine this evening.

Prakashi advises Anjali to call Virender. he should see it with his own eyes. I need to perceive how his face will turn pale or red in view of outrage.

Veer reveals to Priyu Purvi can’t leave both Virender and Daksh. It can’t be valid. Priyu says she destroyed my life. I did likewise to her today. I’m exceptionally cheerful today. I would have been more joyful in the event that she had mind discharge or on the other hand in the event that she had kicked the bucket. That is the reason I had played that video before Mukhi ji. However, purvi recovered her memory. She wont be cheerful as I have reviled her so often and will keep on doing as such! She decided to leave both Virender and Daksh thus as it were. Veer clashes. I don’t confide in it. I wont trust it until I see her leaving them all alone. Priyu says I called you here as she will leave from here tomorrow. We should remain here around evening time. He concurs.

Anjali shouts Jeth ji as she moves toward Virender’s room. Gatekeeper attempts to stop her yet she demands. Anjali thumps at the entryway. Virender gets out of the room and asks her what occurred. Anjali says Purvi is in harm’s way. I saw Daksh going to her room. He was intoxicated. I’m stressed that he may accomplish something wrong. I’m apprehensive. Save her. Virender advises the gatekeepers to remain with the children and goes with Anjali. Anjali stops briefly to call Prakashi. I’m accompanying Jeth ji. Be prepared.

Purvi pushes Daksh and beseeches him to stop. Have you flown off the handle? Ponder our fellowship and kindly leave. He won’t go anyplace. You are the person who has deceived me. Simply check out me. Have you seen me like this till date? I have turned into this as a result of you. You have disregarded my heart, my sentiments! I never requested that you wed me. You were the person who concurred. Did I at any point compel you? You recaptured your memory upon the arrival of our wedding. Wouldn’t you say it’s a joke? What were you doing in his arms subsequent to saying that you would prefer not to be with both of us? I think you were misleading me. You needed to invest energy with that Mukhi. You utilized me! She gets a jar and requests that he step away. He reveals to her that she will end up being his at any expense. She hits him on his head with a jar as he makes one more stride towards her. Daksh begins dying.

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