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Purvi tells Renu she is aware of it’s far too past due however Baba have to be punished for his misdeeds. I am positive Mukhi ji will do justice via way of means of sending him to prison. Renu nods. Virender seconds Purvi. Such a man have to be punished! I wont spare every person who will do injustice to you until the time I am right here. Police can be right here soon. See what I will do to him with my personal eyes. He asks Purvi to come. What are you thinking? Purvi replies that she became considering Ma. She has been thru a lot her whole lifestyles due to Baba. How will she stay now? Virender assures her that she will live with them in haveli.

Inspector arrests Purvi’s Baba for human trafficking. Purvi’s father asks Virender to listen him out once. I dint go away Renu for cash or by myself will. I did it upon Purvi’s askance. Everyone is shocked. Sakshi smirks at Prakashi.

Purvi’s father insists that he left Renu in brother due to the fact Purvi had requested him to. Purvi tells him now no longer to lie. I by no means stated this. He tells her to inform the reality to all of us. Why do you need to ship your father to prison on this age? He walks as much as Virender. She wont let you know something however permit me let you know.

Flashback suggests Purvi colliding together along with her Baba on the street on a wet day. She notices him assisting a person and asks him approximately the lady. He stocks that she is Mukhi’s sister Renu. I am taking her to haveli proper now. Purvi tells him in opposition to it. Mukhi insulted your daughter and threw her out of haveli! You ought to take revenge from my insult as opposed to supporting that Mukhi! Leave her at a brothel rather so he’s punished! Purvi’s Baba motives that Renu is part of her own circle of relatives. Purvi needs for revenge. Mukhi ji blamed me for breaking his own circle of relatives and for ruining his lifestyles. The daughter of that own circle of relatives ought to additionally be punished withinside the identical manner that he has punished a person else’s daughter. He will study his lesson then. Leave her at a few brothel! Flashback ends.

Purvi tells Virender it’s a lie. She asks her father why he is making an attempt to border her. I will let you know the reality. I noticed Baba after I had left haveli. Flashback suggests Purvi colliding together along with her Baba on the street on that day. She asks him approximately the lady. He tells her to thoughts her business. Our relation became over the day you acquire me thrown out of haveli! Leave quietly or I will wreck your legs and kill you! Purvi attempts to invite approximately the lady however he pushes her away. She attempts to move after him however he walks away protecting Renu. Flashback ends. Purvi says I did now no longer get to peer Didi’s face that day. He driven me after which left with Renu Didi. Trust me. Baba is mendacity. He is cooking it up. Virender tells police Bawri is telling the reality and her own circle of relatives is mendacity. Take him away. Purvi’s mom tells them to stop. Purvi asks her to inform the reality to all of us. You recognise how Baba is. Purvi’s mom finally ends up mendacity as well. Purvi shakes her head. Why are you mendacity? You recognise how Baba is. Her mom insists that it became Purvi’s fault.

Sakshi smirks. This is what I wanted. I actually have done it nowadays eventually. You can be thrown out of right here now. Flashback suggests Sakshi paying Purvi’s father guilty the whole component on Purvi. he easily is of the same opinion however his spouse does now no longer. She refuses to permit him do that to Purvi. She has eventually grow to be happy. I wont allow you to grab her happiness. He warns her to be quiet or he threatens to kill her. I am now no longer killing your daughter. She will simply spend few days in prison. Do as Mukhiyani ji says. Sakshi is of the same opinion. You actually have a son. You wont be capable of see him alive in case you don’t agree now. Purvi’s mom offers in. Flashback ends. Sakshi is positive Purvi can be thrown out of Mukhi ji’s haveli and lifestyles now. Pack your baggage and go away.

Purvi’s mom says I apprehend her ache as she is a person’s daughter too. Purvi says I recognise you’ve got got been threatened or forced to lie. Her mom disagrees. You are answerable for what has occurred to Renu. Renu questions Purvi. why did you’re taking rvenge from me for what Bhai ji has completed to you? Purvi swears on Kanha ji. I am now no longer mendacity. Baba is mendacity. Purvi’s father once more pledges his innocence however Virender tells him to be quiet. He seems at Purvi pointedly. Sakshi smiles. Purvi tells Virender to believe him. I can not do that. Purvi’s father maintains mendacity. Virender pins him via way of means of his throat at the ceiling. Purvi’s mom asks him to permit cross of her husband however Virender is effective that Purvi can by no means do this type of component. The man who can promote his daughter for cash can do something. Tell me what you did. Purvi’s father keeps mendacity. Sakshi tells Virender it isn’t correct to believe a person blindly. Not simply him however his spouse is likewise blaming Purvi. why don’t you consider her? Renu additionally asks Virender why he’s assisting Purvi even after understanding the reality. Why are you taking flight out of your phrase now? Purvi tells her in opposition to it. Someone have to have threatened Ma. Virender tells her now no longer to present clarification to every person. He additionally warns all of us now no longer to factor palms at Bawri. He tells police to take Purvi’s father. Purvi stops police from taking her mom. She isn’t always at fault right here. She is mendacity for a few reason. Please don’t allow them to take her. Inspector relents. Purvi’s father is taken away. Purvi is aware of her mom lied as she is helpless. I will discover the reality at any cost. Virender, Purvi and her mom go away.

Sakshi suggests faux sympathy to Renu. I experience awful for you. You met your brother after goodbye but he’s giving significance to you. He is giving privilege to Molkki over you. Renu replies that she isn’t troubled via way of means of who thinks what approximately her. I am satisfied that Bhai ji helped me get justice. The guy who did this to me is in the back of bars now. This is all that I wanted. She walks away. Sakshi thinks that she couldn’t get Renu out of Purvi’s lure even after doing all this. I nevertheless have a few greater playing cards to show them into enemies!

Sakshi involves Purvi’s mom’s room at night. Purvi’s mom says I did what you requested. Sakshi tells her there may be nevertheless lots to do. She suggests a video to her wherein Purvi’s brother is asking for help. She requests Sakshi to permit cross of her son. Sakshi is of the same opinion. Convince Purvi to get her Baba out of prison. Purvi’s mom is perplexed however Sakshi tells her to absolutely do it if she desires to keep her son. Purvi’s mom is aware of she wont be capable of persuade Purvi. Sakshi tells her to apply any method. You have to make her agree at any cost. Purvi’s mom is of the same opinion. Sakshi tells her to ensure her call isn’t always disclosed to every person. You wont be capable of see your son alive otherwise. Purvi’s mom nods.

Precap: Next morning, Purvi’s mom requests Purvi to get her Baba out of prison. Purvi is taken aback.


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