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Virender tells Purvi he wont cross everywhere until the time this be counted is resolved. I will paintings from haveli. He notices her misplaced in mind and asks her approximately it. She attempts to disregard it however he can see that she is involved. What is it? She does now no longer need to trouble him however he insists. She stocks that she feels as though Renu is disillusioned iwht her for some thing. Virender unearths it difficult to believe. You have performed a lot for her. What may want to it be? Purvi is clueless herself. Maybe I stated or did some thing incorrect. She did now no longer even talk properly to me today. Virender says it is probably due to what took place yesterday. I realize the way to repair her temper. Let’s throw a massive celebration the next day on our anniversary. renu might be thrilled to pay attention it.

Virender and Purvi inform Renu approximately the anniversary celebration. Renu is hesitant to be there however Virender desires to inform all of us approximately his sister. You ought to come. She nods uncomfortable. Kids soar excitedly. Virender tells Renu to shop for lovely garments for the celebration. Purvi gives to take her. Renu does now no longer need to move however Virender insists. She offers in. Virender and Purvi leave. Renu wonders how to inform Virender the truth. Purvi’s father is a cheater, sinner and grasping man or woman that’s why I even have commenced to hate his daughter too! Bhai ji is doing a lot for me so I wont allow him discover something at any cost.

Everyone is consuming dinner. Virender pronounces approximately the anniversary celebration that he has stored the next day. I will take complete responsibility. I don’t need any drama in case you all need to be there. Hope you’ll have understood my factor. He leaves. Purvi follows him.

Next day, Virender and Purvi are dressed for the celebration. They supplement every different. Virender items her necklace. Sakshi seethes in anger as she watches Virender assist Purvi put on it. Purvi thank you Virender. I am sorry I forgot to carry present for oyu. He tells her it isn’t a massive deal. Your smile is my largest present. Get equipped because the visitors ought to be coming. She stops him. How can I neglect about your present? She items him a pin for turban. She attempts to position it however he’s too tall for her. Please bend your assist. He finally ends up lifting her in his arms. Sakshi fumes. Virender and Purvi proportion an eye fixed lock. Purvi fixes the pin in his turban and smiles. Sakshi thinks that they could deliver every different as many items as they need. My present might be the most important one and it will likely be a blast!

Prakashi asks Sakshi approximately the blast she changed into referring to. We see nothing. Sakshi says allow the temper set in. I will carry it then. Virender thank you the visitors for coming. Today is a completely unique day for us. It is our anniversary and my sister goes to live with us for for all time now. Renu joins him. What’s the factor of this? Virender says it’s miles needed. He asks the villagers to welcome Renu. Purvi’s dad and mom stroll in only then. Purvi’s father says we’re right here as well. We simply were given a bit late. Virender welcomes them. Kids are satisfied to look them while Renu steps lower back in shock. Sakshi is looking at her keenly.

Renu shouts all of a sudden and begins offevolved panicking. Get this guy out of right here! Purvi asks her what took place. Renu pushes her away. Stay farfar from me! Virender asks her what took place. Renu tells him to hold Purvi farfar from her. She breaks donw. I don’t need to move lower back. Virender asks her who it’s miles. Renu factors at Purvi’s father. Virender asks Renu what he has performed. Renu stocks that he’s the only who had left her on the brothel. Everyone is shocked. Renu cries. He is the only who driven me in that hell and I ended up turning into a pr*stitute! I noticed his picturegraph to your wedding ceremony album. I changed into involved that he could drag me lower back there. Please store me.

Purvi’s father attempts to mention some thing however Virender warns him to be quiet. Prakashi smiles at Sakshi. Virender tells his guards to fasten Purvi’s father upstairs. He asks Virender to concentrate to him. I dint do something. Virender does now no longer pay heed to him. He comforts Renu. He made your lifestyles hell and it’s miles my flip now! Just wait and watch.

Purvi brings water for Renu. I now apprehend why you had been indignant with me. it changed into due to my Baba. He has ruined your lifestyles like mine. Please forgive me. I realize what took place to you can’t be forgiven however I don’t realize why I were given this sort of low Baba on this birth. I hate him simply as tons as you do. Renu asks her why. What has he performed to you? Purvi stocks that even she changed into offered like Renu. Renu is in shock. What are you pronouncing? Purvi says I am now no longer lying. Baba made me Mukhi ji’s Molkki for money. The man who can promote his very own daughter can promote others too. I changed into fortunate to fulfill Mukhi ji or I could have led to a comparable situation. She folds her hands. Please forgive me. You needed to undergo a lot due to my Baba. Renu tells her now no longer to apologize. I changed into incorrect to misconceive you due to what your Baba has performed. Purvi stops her. Virender appears on. I wont forgive Bawri’s Baba ever. I will make him pay for all of the tears that my sister has shed!

Prakashi is inspired via way of means of Sakshi’s pass. How did you do this? How did you name Molkki’s Baba? It changed into a blast! Sakshi says there might be after outcomes now. Purvi might be blown off soon! Prakashi says we need the equal thing. How did you discover approximately this though? Sakshi says I heard Renu pronouncing it.

Flashback indicates Sakshi overhearing Renu knowing that it changed into Purvi’s Baba who had offered her on the brothel. She makes a decision to utilize this information. Flashback ends.

Prakashi tells Sakshi that the pass is right however you understand how smart that Molkki is. She may even name police and ship him to prison. I am simply caution you. Sakshi is effective nobody might be capable of get out of her lure this time.

Precap: Purvi’s father accuses Purvi for what he did with Renu. Purvi receives shocked. She says, what are you pronouncing? She tells Virender that he’s lying. Her father asks, why do you need to ship your father to prison in antique age? Sakshi smiles wondering now Virender won’t allow Purvi live on this Haveli at any cost. Virender furiously walks in the direction of Purvi.


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