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Purvi serves Renu her favorite breakfast. Renu turns into emotional. Purvi sends the children to their room to observe a few TV. I will assist Bua with breakfast. They leave. Purvi asks Renu why she is crying. Is the entirety alright? Renu hugs her. Yes, I am quality. I am getting a lot love and recognize after such a lot of years so I changed into overwhelmed. It has emerge as viable best due to you. I wouldn’t had been capable of meet my own circle of relatives or brother if it wasn’t for you. Purvi tells her now no longer to mention so. Prakashi blames her for creating a incorrect choice. Anjali seconds her. Any different girl to your location could have killed herself! Purvi asks her why she isn’t always killing herself then. Didi changed into helpless even as your movements had been intentional. You have performed sufficient drama already. Purvi tells Renu to calm down. Learn to disregard such remarks. She says an idiom – puppies bark whilst an elephant walks. Anjali gapes at her while Virender praises Purvi. You hit a rating there! Anjali walks away in a huff. Sakshi seems on quietly.

Purvi tells Virender to change. He asks her if there’s some thing unique today. She nods. Renu Didi is right here so I concept we need to rejoice Bhaidooj again. Is it quality with you? He nods. All the issues have long gone farfar from my lifestyles as you’re with me. I will rejoice Bhaidooj with my sister after such a lot of years due to you. You accomplish that a lot for me. He hugs her sweetly. Purvi motives that Renu Di is her SIL. All that belongs to you is mine as properly. Get prepared now as Didi have to be waiting. He takes the kurta from her. She asks him in the event that they need to tell police approximately what befell final night. He denies. I am certain the goons had been employed through a person from our own circle of relatives best. She asks him if he doubts Sakshi or Ma. He nods. It is both of them. We will locate that out. He is going to change.

Virender offers a present to Renu as they rejoice Bhaidooj. Renu hugs her brother. This may be very treasured to me. Juhi tells Manas she can be able to do his teeka too. He nods. Your present is prepared. They rejoice Bhaidooj as properly and hug.

Purvi asks Virender to return back together along with her for shopping. We have to shop for garments for Renu Didi. Kids come walking there simply then. Purvi tells them to attend to their Bua. We can be again soon. They promise her.

Virender and Purvi are withinside the market. Purvi says I should have bargained and stored few extra rupees. Virender asks her if she can be able to construct a haveli for herself with that money. She denies. Tau ji says that each penny counts. He says it’s miles your Tau ji’s words. Someone collides with Virender and apologizes. Virender turns and says it’s miles ok. He notices the mark on the man’s face.

Juhi and Manas are displaying Virender and Purvi’s wedding ceremony photos to Renu. Renu notices a man withinside the image and is shocked.

The man (goon) tells Sakshi at the telecellsmartphone that Virender has visible him. Virender pushes him simply then. The man begins offevolved walking. Virender and Purvi comply with him. The man falls down even as walking after colliding with a cyclist. Virender throws a stick at him as he attempts to run. You can not run anymore! How dare you kidnap my sister? He holds him angrily through his collar and drags him along.

Renu asks the children approximately the man. Juhi stocks that he’s haathi’s Baba and their Nanu. Renu offers the album to them worriedly. He is Purvi’s Baba? He is the only who had left me there!

Virender pushes the man at the ground as he enters haveli. He calls Renu downstairs and slaps the goon. Prakashi and Anjali come there as properly. Virender questions the goon and hits him. Sakshi comes there too. Virender threatens to hit him however the goon stocks that they’ll kill him if he’s taking their name. Virender says I will kill you proper away in case you don’t. He begins offevolved beating him. Who ordered you to kidnap my sister? I will kill you in case you wont communicate up! A man is status withinside the corridor. His rifle is aimed toward the goon. He shoots the goon earlier than he can inform every body anything. Purvi seems up in shock. Virender sends the guards after the man. Purvi wonders how it is able to be.

Virender seems at Sakshi. She says you’re looking at me as though I did some thing. Why could I get him killed once I don’t even realize him? Virender seems at Prakashi who tells him they don’t have the manner to rent a person. It have to be Renu’s Mausi. We don’t have anything to do with it. Renu is shaken. Purvi attempts to consolation her however Renu murmurs that she does now no longer need to move again there. Virender and Purvi take her inside. Sakshi seems on the useless body.

Purvi tells Renu they’re together along with her. Virender tells Renu his guards will watch her day and night. No you can actually take you everywhere or input to your room with out your permission. Entire haveli has guards at each corner. Purvi enables her lie down. You need to rest. Nothing will manifest to you. I will live with you to maintain you safe. Sakshi overhears Virender orders his guards to take superb care of Renu. She shouldn’t be harmed in any manner. They nod.

Prakashi praises Sakshi. you’ve got got learnt to play a great recreation in very much less time. This changed into your doing, proper? Sakshi replies that he had emerge as a risk for her.

Flashback indicates the goon telling Sakshi on telecellsmartphone that Virender had stuck a glimpse of him final night. He collides with Virender on his manner and begins offevolved walking. Sakshi tells him to run earlier than getting stuck. She subsequent calls a person and orders him to kill the goon earlier than he utters anything. Flashback ends.

Sakshi says that’s why I needed to get him killed. Prakashi laughs. Your recreation is ruined though. Sakshi says my recreation can not be ruined. I will play a larger recreation with Purvi now. Prakashi is curious however Sakhsi indicates her to wait.

Juhi, Manas and Renu are gambling quiz recreation. Renu receives tensed whilst Purvi comes there. She receives concerned after recalling that the antique man withinside the wedding ceremony album is Purvi’s father. She replies half-heartedly to Purvi’s questions however is right with Juhi which puzzles Purvi. What did I do incorrect?

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