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Manas asks haathi if Babbar Sher is irate. Did he reprove you also? Purvi gestures. Juhi laments that they wont have the option to go to Nandini’s wedding. She will feel so particularly awful as her none of her relatives will be there. I will breakdown if this occurs during my wedding. Purvi advises her not to say as much. I can’t reveal to you how stressed I am. I can’t resentful either Mukhi ji or Nandini. I need to be a piece of her glad second, yet I can’t get anything. Juhi gives her a thought. Reveal to Babbar Sher that Juhi and Manas need to go to the wedding. Babbar Sher will yield and will let you a piece of it as well. Children high five. Purvi reasons that he is extremely angry with her. He wont pay attention to anything that I say now. Sudha shouts to Purvi who pardons herself.

Sudha is in the passageway. Veer sees her and requests that Sudha assist him with something. He holds her hand and carries her to a room where adornments is kept. Nandini is getting hitched so I can’t choose her blessing. Sudha says you love her a great deal. He gestures. I can do anything for those I love. Kindly assistance me select one. Sudha chooses a substantial neckband. It will look lovely on her.

Purvi gets some information about Sudha. She was shouting to me yet I can’t see her. She gets some information about Sudha. House keeper shares that Sudha is in Veer’s room. Purvi gestures. What is Sudha doing there?

Veer requests that Sudha wear it once. I will get a thought. He helps Sudha as she eliminates the pin from her dupatta. He additionally helps her in tying it. Sudha grins bashfully. Veer shows mirror to her. It looks delightful on you. It will be best for Nandini. Much thanks to you for your assistance. He helps her in eliminating it too. Purvi comes there all at once. Sudha reveals to her why she is here. Purvi inquires as to whether she was searching for her. Sudha gestures. They leave. Veer takes a gander at the accessory. Any other individual may not be there however your sibling will definitely be there for you today.

Sudha says I know Mukhi ji isn’t content with the wedding however this is a decent opportunity to prevail upon Nandini. You ought to go to the wedding.

Virender thinks I know how shrewd Chaudhary is. He is concealing his genuine expectations behind his glossed over words. Others will be unable to see it yet I do! Anybody can say everything except I wont let Nandini’s life be ruined. I will stop this wedding at any expense. Purvi attempts to say something to her however he requests that she leave. I would prefer not to hear anything. House cleaner advises Virender that 2 gatekeepers have come. They are Chaudhary’s men. Would it be a good idea for me to send them inside? Purvi gestures. Virender questions Purvi when servant leaves. I would prefer not to meet any of his men. Toss them out of the house! Purvi advises him to quiet down. Try not to take out your anger on those men. Perhaps we will discover why they have come here subsequent to meeting them. 2 gatekeepers welcome Virender. We have brought greeting and desserts for you. The wedding is at 10 pm this evening. Chaudhary Sahab said that they will hang tight for you. Virender tosses the container on the floor and tears the greeting. Disclose to Chaudhary I wont let this marriage occur at any expense! Reveal to him that he is meddling with Babbar Sher! This marriage wont occur at any expense! Leave now. Gatekeepers leave. Purvi attempts to converse with Virender however he leaves. Purvi is concerned that things have become more chaotic at this point. Don’t have the foggiest idea what all Mukhi ji will do on the off chance that I don’t make a move pronto. I wont let it occur. I should stop him at any expense.

Nandini and Aarav are completely dressed for the wedding. Nandini inquires as to whether anybody has come. Aarav makes a miserable face. Veer enters all of a sudden. Nandini embraces him. Express gratitude toward God somebody is here. He wipes her tears and prods her to downplay the circumstance. He gives her the wedding blessing. She supplements it. Aarav says you will look more lovely when you will wear it. Veer hacks. Nandini reveals to Veer his quality is the greatest present for her in the present circumstance. Indeed, even mother isn’t here. I would have been pitiful on the most joyful day of my life in the event that you weren’t here. He advises her that they are twins. We have an uncommon bond. I can detect when you are feeling terrible. Kindly grin.

Nandini is miserable to see Purvi at the entryway. Who called this Molkki here? I don’t need any dramatization on my wedding. Simply disappear. Purvi demands her to pay attention to her once. Mukhi ji is in rage since he got that greeting. He wont let this wedding occur. Kindly pay attention to me and delay this wedding for a couple of days if conceivable. He will demolish everything in any case. Nandini considers what sort of an individual he is who can’t see her glad. For what reason would he say he is so hellbent after destroying my satisfaction? Aarav seconds her. For what reason can’t Mukhi ji comprehend that I truly love Nandini? For what reason wouldn’t he be able to acknowledge this wedding for the good of she when my Baba can go to his home to request Nandini’s hand? What’s significant for him – his little girl or competition? Nandini says his desire and his orders make a difference to him. He couldn’t care less about his children or family. He is a narrow minded individual and is no not exactly a villain. Mother wouldn’t have allowed him to do this in the event that she was here today. Purvi feels awful. Nandini says she would have battled with anybody for the wellbeing of her little girl however Mukhi ji has driven her away from him as well. Don’t have the foggiest idea how she will be. I’m certain she will be tragic like me and will revile Mukhi ji. Veer solaces her. I wont let anybody do anything till the time I am near. I will perceive how Mukhi ji will stop your wedding. Nandini gestures.

Worker offers rifle to Virender. Virender inquires as to whether everybody is here. He gestures. We will hang tight for your orders.

Virender arrives at the wedding corridor and takes shots at the ID at the gathering. He arranges his men to break everything. They agree. They ruin every one of the prepares/stylistic theme inside the scene. Virender ponders where everybody is. Virender sees intellectual ji covering up on the steps and shoots noticeable all around to call him outside. Intellectual ji demands Virender to release him. Virender gets some information about the lady of the hour, lucky man and Chaudhary. Savant ji says Chaudhary changed the setting eventually. I was leaving when you entered. Virender allows him to leave and ponders who might have set out to conflict with him.

Chaudhary and his significant other welcome visitors. A man asks Chaudhary for what good reason he changed the setting without a second to spare. Flashback shows Purvi mentioning Chaudhary’s to change the wedding scene as Virender wont let it happen something else. He will kidnap Nandini from the mandap on the off chance that he visits the setting during customs. Chaudhary asks her for what reason he ought to trust her. You are Virender’s Molkki. You won’t ever conflict with him. Purvi concurs that it is valid. I’m recommending this for the wellbeing of Nandini. Kindly do as I say. She leaves. Chaudhary calls somebody and illuminates him that the wedding should now occur at an alternate scene. Mukhi and his men ought to always be unable to reach there. Flashback closes. Chaudhary grins.

Veer brings Nandini ground floor. Aarav and Nandini plunk down in the mandap.

Purvi is at home. At this point Mukhi ji would have discovered that the setting has changed. If it’s not too much trouble, deal with things now, Kanha ji. Repair things among Chaudhary and Kanha ji. Children come there all at once. We are prepared. Right? Purvi gestures. They leave together.

Virender orders his men to check each corner. Allow me to see from where can Chaudhary get my little girl wedded covertly! They leave.

Nandini and Aarav trade wreaths.

Virender’s men search each marriage corridor/setting. Virender proposes returning home eventually as his men return with practically nothing.

Individuals feel terrible for Nandini as Virender isn’t here at her wedding. This wouldn’t have occurred if her mom was here today. He has been a piece of each wedding in the town. He even offered vagrant young ladies however he is feeling the loss of his own girl’s wedding. She is terrible. Nandini wipes her tears. Savant ji asks them who will do Nandini’s kanyadaan.

Virender feels vulnerable in the vehicle.

Chaudhary advises intellectual ji to track down an option in contrast to this custom. Savant ji says wedding can’t occur without this custom. Fathers part with the hand of their girls to the man of the hour and take a guarantee that he will stay close by through various challenges. This wedding will be waiting till the time that occurs. Purvi says it wont stop. Everybody thinks back in shock. Nandini says Molkki in shock. Purvi offers to do Nandini’s kanyadaan. Juhi and Manas hurry to embrace their sister. Nandini says thanks to them for coming here. They share that haathi merits the recognition for that. She is the person who brought us here despite the fact that Baba is furious. Veer and Nandini take a gander at Purvi inwardly. Purvi welcomes Chaudhary’s with collapsed hands. She advises intellectual ji to begin the custom. Intellectual ji asks her how she is identified with the lady of the hour. Purvi says Ma in answer.


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