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Juhi asks Purvi if Virender is out of jail. Purvi asks them if their haathi is true. They nodded. She says they shouldn’t worry. Haathi will soon bring the Babbar Sher home. The jungle will soon be completed and we will live together. Juhi asks if they also enjoy. Purvinod. She puts them to sleep.

Purvi wakes up in the middle of the night. He wonders where Suda is and calls her. She goes out to find her. Suda is sadly sitting outside. Purvi asks him his thoughts. Sudha says he’s thinking about what happened today and what he needs to do in the future. Purvi advises her not to give up. She has to issue Virender. I met a famous lawyer who said he would be released from prison after fighting the Mukiji case. I don’t have much money. I need to fix it everywhere. I make sure 5 racks do everything I need. Don’t weaken Mukiji.

Who can help us now? Sakushi says I will. They look up in shock. Sakshi nader Purvi Save Mukiji together. Fix 5 pieces of lacquer. Purvi asks here how things are going. Purvi says I came for you. You tried to save him before. I’ll do it together from now on. Purvi says you’re gone. Sakushi says there is nothing left here. Mukiji considers you his wife and my children call you a happy mother. I left them for them and came back for them. But I was on the lookout for my family. After hearing Mukiji’s decision, I decided to return to Japan. I will fully support you in this battle. Purvi asks how to trust her. You deceived me a lot You joined Ma and Anjali Bhabhi. What would you do if you did it again?

Sakushi says I understand. The truth is that I just made a deal with them. I wanted to return the lives of Mukiji and my children to me, so I’ll keep the truth about his kidnapping secret. I wanted Mukiji and his children to return to my life at any cost. I did everything my mom said. I hid their truth, otherwise they would have put everyone’s life in hell. Mom is a big monster. If you can detain DIL for 5 years, think about everything you can. I was silent even after I knew how much he hated Mukiji. She never made him or my children happy. She only cares about her property. I trust you I know you are the one who can keep my family happy. Are we standing together in this struggle? She extended her hand. Purvi looks at Sudha and holds Sakshi’s hand. Sakushi says you always knew that you were in favor of the truth. Please tell me what to do.

Purvi tells him about a lawyer. I don’t have 5 racks to pay your fee. Can you help me? There is no other choice. Mom and Babi kicked me out of the house. Sakushi says I’ll fix the money, but something else needs to be done first. Purvi asks him about it, but Sakushi offers tomorrow he tells him about it. I have to go now. She goes Sudha asks Purvi if he is in his right mind. You know she can’t be trusted again. Purvi needs to calm down, she says. How do you pay the fee? Only she can help us now. I don’t trust her. I know he can’t do anything to Mukiji and his children. We can trust her that way. There is no other choice. Suda nodded. Think before you do anything.

Prakashi and Anjali have free time and enjoy themselves. Prakashi says we live only as queens. Sakushi removes the cucumber from Anjali’s eyes. Anjali is surprised to see Sakushi and talks to Prakashi. Prakashi is also surprised to see Sakushi. Dismiss her maid and ask Sakushi what she’s doing here. Sakushi says I forgot something. I’m back to take it. Prakashi asks him what he means. Sakushi says this property, money, and Haveli belong to me. Prakashi reminds him that she put everything in his name. You ended up putting everything in the name of their children. But this is not yours. Prakashi claims that these are his children. You are a stranger who has finally robbed me of everything. Prakashi says I do nothing. It’s Morkki’s fault! Sakushi does not agree. I brought her today because she returned everything to me. It’s time to get rid of everything that belongs to me. She calls Purvi, who has just set foot there.

Priyu looks down from above. Prakashi asks Sakushi what they do together. This property and haveli do not belong to any of them. It belongs to the children and is our responsibility. Sakushi says he doesn’t need it now because the real owner is back. Purvi sent her second. He put the names of all his children under your influence. Sakushi adds that I understood your plan at that time. I agree that it was a good move, but she forgot that I was a real mother and the owner of this property. I can withdraw it whenever I want, just as I gave it to you.

The world has changed. Then I also made a new will. According to the last testimony, I am the true owner of everything. They literally have nothing. Priyu decides to notify Feather. She is worried because Sakushi changed her will. She calls Veer and says he shouldn’t go home. Your mom is here with Purvi. He is excited about the news, but she is telling him about the New Testament. He asks if she is certain. She nodded. How do we live? Purvi will not let us live here when he comes. Feather tells him to pack up and meet at the market. She agrees. She packs the jewelry in a toss bag.

Anjali asks Sakushi if she is in Haveli now. Sakushi nodded. Purvi is with us too. You will be kicked out of Haveli, just as you kicked her out the other day! Anjali and Prakashi are surprised. Sakshi tells Purvi to continue. Anjali tells Purvi not to do it, but she takes Anjali in her hand and pushes her to her front door. Anjali removes the mask and looks at Purvi. Purvi goes to Prakashi. I have been considered only Morkki so far. I still remember the first day I came here. That day you called me Betty.

That day I thought you were a mother. You may not have been able to accept the relationship, but I’m still accepting it. You can’t get rid of you for that. This is not my education. She joins her hand and asks Prakashi to leave alone. Prakashi goes to the door. She suddenly began to panting and suddenly touched her breasts. She screamed in pain and fainted. Purvi shouts for water. Anjali blames her for Prakashi’s condition. Purvi runs to get him water.

In advance: Purvi asks the doctor what happened. According to doctors, Prakashi had a mild heart attack. Purvi and Sakshi meet a lawyer, and Purvi gives him money. Lawyers say it’s not mandatory because he investigated the case, it’s an open and closed case. Everything is against Virender, and he has no 1% chance of getting out of it. Purvi meets Virender and tells him: I’m not the only one. Please enter the sakushi. Virender is surprised. After that, Purvi and Sakushi go home. Purvi sees Sudha very worried. Suda says he can’t find Juhi and Manas.


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